A guide for parents returning to work after a child

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Why Choose Dibber International Preschools
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Getting back to work that you enjoy doing need not take a back seat after having a child, nor does it have to fasten that seat belt and take you on a never-ending guilt trip. Whether you are returning to work for the sheer love of working, for your emotional wellbeing, to feel more confident, for a stable income, to contribute to the family income, or for all of these, it is absolutely alright.

Here are some tips for parents who still feel that going back to work after having a child can be worrying, guilt-ridden, demanding, and to those that are experiencing stress because it is time to start sending their toddler to preschool:

Get your routine changed even before you return to work

Not seeing you as often as they used to can be overwhelming for your little one. If you start getting your routine changed before you go back to work, your child will have the time to adjust to the new routine. This will make the transition easier for both you and your child.

Begin slowly and steadily

The transition back to work after having a child can be stressful. If it is an option, you can look at working from home or for shorter hours physically at office. These may help reduce anxiety by giving you more control over your environment and by allowing you to take breaks when your child needs you.

Teach them to have warm social interactions

Preschool is a social environment, and toddlers who interact with others warmly and gently are more likely to make friends. It will help them develop empathy and build self-confidence. By teaching them compassion, you can also help them learn how to resolve conflict peacefully.

Talk to your toddler about preschool

One of the best ways to prepare your little one for preschool is by having conversations around it. Let your toddler know that you are excited for them to start school and maybe also share fun stories from your school days to encourage and get them excited about learning and making new friends.

Come up with meal plans and cooking shortcuts

Meal planning can help you make healthy meals for you and your children without spending a lot of time in the kitchen. When you have a schedule and some cooking shortcuts in place, you don’t have to worry about what to make each day. This can reduce strain and make it easier to manage time.

Stay in touch with your toddler’s teachers

When you have a good relationship with the teachers, you are more likely to feel comfortable talking to them about your toddler’s progress and any concerns you may have. It helps you stay informed about your child’s development and understand how you can support their learning at home.

Make your toddler feel safe and secure

When you go back to work, your child’s routine is sure to change. They will no longer have you around all day, and they may feel scared or insecure. By making them feel safe and settled, you can help them adjust to the new routine more easily.

Ask for help if you need

Taking your sleep-deprived-self back to work after having a baby can be overwhelming. Asking for help from parents, or close family and friends can free up some of your time and energy. This can help you ensure that your toddler is getting the care they need, while you sort whatever else needs your attention.

Enjoy this new chapter in your life together

This tip may seem like a no-brainer but may not be easy all the time. It is important for your toddler to see you going to work and coming home happy; they will learn that work is a positive thing. They will also be more likely to develop a positive attitude towards work themselves when they are older. This will help you enjoy this new life better with you little one.

Starting or resuming work and sending your little one to preschool is a big deal but a rewarding experience, nevertheless. By following the above-mentioned points, you may gain more patience, energy, and warmth to put into your relationship with your toddler. Why Choose Dibber International Preschools

Why Choose Dibber International Preschools?

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At the centre of everything is our ‘Heart Culture’ which strengthens and broadens a child’s sense of character, connections, and social well-being and ensures intrinsic value and relationships come first.

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