Outreach Programmes is committed to empowering local communities and making a tangible difference to the lives of people in South Africa. You can read more about a few of our recent outreach programmes below. 

babyyumyum - Zabra

Zabra Donation

At BabyYumYum's breastfeeding workshop, we not only empower mothers to nourish their little ones but also strive to make a positive impact in communities worldwide. Thanks to your generous donation of second-hand bras, we have been able to deliver over 150,000 items to 250 charities and projects in an astonishing 30 countries!

Unjani Cinic Olieven - BabyYumYum
Unjani Cinic Olieven - BabyYumYum

Unjani Clinic Olieven

We are absolutely ecstatic to share the news of a remarkable collaboration and partnership that has been established between Unjani Olievenhoutbosch Clinic and

This dynamic alliance aims to promote wellness, nurture healthy lifestyles, and empower parents with invaluable knowledge. Our recent workshop was an incredible success, gathering enthusiastic participants who were eager to learn more about nurturing their little ones' well-being.

baby yum yum donations

Union of Jewish Women Johannesburg

BabyYumYum donated many items including soaps, breast pads, drawstring bags, pregnancy shakes and DulcoSoft® for the Bags for New Beginnings project. 120 bags were packed for Mandela Day and handed out to new moms at the Hillbrow, Edenvale and Alexandra clinics.

babyyumyum redhill school - BabyYumYum

Career Day at Redhill School

Amanda Rogaly, founder and chief mommy of spoke at the career day at Redhill school about success, why passion is important and how she got started along with her journey into entrepreneurship.

BabyYumYum Nutrition Drive - BabyYumYum

Nutrition Drive

On March 24, 2022, at Eldorado Park, and Banjo attended the first mother-focused nutrition campaign organised by Glow Movement.

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The Hibbah NPO

Hibbah is an organisation devoted to assisting families in need. They host educational nutrition initiatives and provide food packages to families in need.

supaquick tyre experts
BabyYumYum and WheelWell - BabyYumYum

Mandela Day Car Seat handout at Supa Quick Greenstone

Thank you very much to the BabyYumYum team, you have gone above and beyond to help us make this an event to remember.