Specialist education schools in Kwa-Zulu Natal

by Tsephy Matloga
Specialist education schools in Kwa-Zulu Natal
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Many kids just don’t thrive at so-called “normal or mainstream schools”. Whether your child is neurodiverse or just needs something different, BYY has done the research and compiled a list of schools that offer different types of schooling. By Tsephy Matlopa

Birdwood Primary School

Type of learners: Learning disabilities, high functioning Autism, Epilepsy, hearing impairment, visual impairment, sensory integration disorder, auditory processing difficulties, ADHD, anxiety, , Aphasia, Dyspraxia, and other developmental delays.

About the school: Birdwood offers a remedial programme for children with cognitive potential in the average range from Grade 000-7. Classes accommodate a maximum of 15 children with additional support of a teacher assistant. The school follows the CAPS curriculum and is consistent with mainstream education in KZN. This facilitates a child’s placement back into mainstream education once they leave Birdwood.

Address: 868 King Cetshwayo highway, Sherwood
Website: www.childcentre.co.za
Email: justine@childcentre.co.za

Tel: 031 208 5117

Camelot College

Type of learners:  Mild to moderate learning difficulties

About the school: Camelot college is a private remedial school situated in Glenwood. They cater for children with mild to moderate learning difficulties and aim to reintroduce them to mainstream when they are ready. Camelot college is registered with the department of education and implement the CAPS curriculum supported by blended curricula adapted to the needs of learners. They have reported numerous years with a 100% matric pass rate.

Address: 14 Lytton Avenue, Bulwer, Berea
Website: www.camelotcollege.co.za
Email: admin@camelotcollege.co.za
Tel: 031 201 0604

Capulum College

Type of learners: ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, mild to moderate autism, anxiety, language processing disorder, sensory issues, trauma due to illness or bullying.

About the school: Capulum college is a small school that caters for the needs of children who have learning and concentration problems. Capulum college works with children in the five key areas namely emotional development, remedial intervention, academic progression, social integration and entrepreneurship.

Address:1 Church Lane, Hilton
Tel: 033 343 4086 / 063 825 8389 / 083 395 1321

Charlton Scholars Remedial School

Type of learners: Learning difficulties in reading, writing, spelling, ADHD, high functioning Autism

About the school: Charlton scholars is a registered independent, co-educational, Christian-based school. Their well-balanced academic and outdoor programme is specifically designed to support and accommodate children who presents with specific barriers to learning.

Address:30 Marievale drive, Zamokuhle, Kloof
Email: charltonhs@mweb.co.za
Tel: 082 456 8481

Cornerstone Remedial School

Type of learners: Autism

About the school:  Cornerstone Learning Centre is an English medium school catering for the needs of pupils diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder or special needs with developmental delays which prohibit them from benefiting from mainstream education. The school’s educational programme is aligned with the department of education’s CAPS curriculum.

Address: Plot 17, Izotsha road, Marburg, Port Shepstone
Email: cslearningcentre@gmail.com
Tel: 039 685 6467

Glenwood Preparatory

Type of learners: ADHD

About the school: Glenwood Preparatory School  is recognised as one of the foremost primary education institutions in Kwa-Zulu Natal. The school also has specialists’ teachers teaching physical education, media and music amongst other disciplines. The schools follow the CAPS curriculum.

Address:1 Bath road, Glenwood, Durban
Email: enquiries@glenwoodprep.co.za
Tel: 031 201 5165

Kenmont school

Type of learners: ADD, ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, speech impairment.

About the school: The Kenmont school primary school is a highly specialised long-term remedial school offering an academic or vocational programme for learners with specific learning disabilities, unable to cope in mainstream school. The Kenmont is a public school and the CAPS and D-CAPS curriculums are followed

Address:18 Island view, Bluff, Durban
Email: receptionist@kenmont.co.za
Tel: 031 466 4477

Livingstone Primary School

Type of learners: Anxiety disorder, Dyscalculia, Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and depression

About the school: Livingstone primary school is a short-term remedial school for children who experience intrinsic barriers to learning. They have average to above average measured levels of general ability but experience specific learning disabilities in the areas of reading, spelling, written language, learning mathematics or have non-verbal learning disabilities. The children come from mainstream schools and after two to three years they return to mainstream schools.

Address: 74 Livingstone road, Windermere, Durban
Email: reception@lpschool.co.za
Tel: 031 312 2026

Wendon Academy

Type of learners: Learning difficulties

About the school: Wendon Academy is an independent school for children who experience delayed and specific barriers to learning. Wendon Academy caters for the holistic educational needs of children who have learning barriers and who are not able to flourish in mainstream environment.

This is a high school (Grade 8-12) and follows the CAPS curriculum. The academy opened in 2003 after its founders took the initiative to setup a holistic, caring, and high-quality educational environment that would meet the specific needs of children with special needs.

Address: 22 High Wycombe Road, Dawncrest, Westville
Tel: 031 262 1630

Westville Junior Primary School

Type of learners: Mainstream and remedial

About the school: Westville junior primary school is a foundation phase (Grade R-3) school in the centre of Westville, a small town in KZN. In 2014 they adopted an inclusive approach where the learners with learning barriers stay within the mainstream environment but within the remedial class by hiring a remedial teacher.  Westville opened their first remedial classes in 2020 and currently have 28 children. The school follows the CAPS curriculum.

Address: 45 Westville road, Westville
Email: admin@wjps.co.za
Tel: 031 266 5220

Zululand Remedial School

Type of learners: Moderate learning barriers

About the school: Zululand remedial centre caters for learners with specific learning difficulties who need moderate levels of support and are unable to achieve their potential in a mainstream classroom.

Address: President Swart Avenue, Kildare, Empangeni
Email: info@zululandremedialcentre.co.za
Tel: 035 772 7740

*If there’s a school that we have missed and should add, please let us know : editor@babyyumyum.co.za

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