Banjo’s Story

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Meet Banjo, the BabyYumYum bear.

He’s cute and cuddly and has been the mascot from the start. Banjo regularly makes an appearance at BYY events where he’s loved by grown ups and kids, especially when he shows off his signature dance move: the Banjo Boogie!

You can read Banjo’s story here…

My story
I was born invisible.
Imagine that.
No one could see me.
Even I could barely see the outline of myself in the mirror.

I played with my siblings.

The one game that I was really good at was hide and seek.

“Don’t you fret, my little pet,” mom would always say if ever she saw me feeling a little sad. “One day everyone will see you and you’ll bring love and happiness to many children and families.”

I wasn’t sure if I believed her. After all, you know what moms are like. They think you can do anything! Still a part of me thought that maybe, just maybe that may come true.

I even spoke speak to Dad about.

“Son,” he said. “it’s time I told you about the history story of our family.”

We sat down together, under our favourite tree in the park and that’s when I learned how in every generation of our Bear family, a little bear is born invisible and remains invisible until he is seen through the eyes of a child. And because the child loves him, the child can see him.

“It will happen to you too,” my dad told me, in his deep voice, affectionately ruffling the fur on my head, like he always does. “As more children love you, even adults will start seeing you. You will no longer be invisible, my son. In fact you will be #1 for everyone who has love in their heart.”

I remember the very first boy and girl who could see me.

They were at a picnic in the park with their mom and dad, playing music.

I loved the music.

It made me want to move my feet. I found out it was called dancing.

How awesome is that! We had a lot of fun that day – dancing and smiling. The best part was at the end, “You’re our #1,” they told me as I watched them leave in their car, before going back home to my Bear family.

The rest as they say is history. The boy and girl took me to their school.

I met other children. The more children I met, the more love grew in my heart and theirs too.

Even their moms and dads started coming up to me, smiling at me and talking to me.


They could see me!

My mom was right after all. How is it that moms always know these things?

Dad was right too. As more children love me, even their moms and dads can see me. This makes me sooo happy.

I’m always smiling. And dancing.

I love meeting new families, which makes me dance even more, knowing that I am the #1 for everyone with love in their heart.

I’ve had many adventures along the way. But those are stories for another day. I’m going to make a bear promise with you right now: I’m going to have lots of adventures and fun with you too.

In the meantime, here are a few things about me:

Favourite food: anything to do with a picnic. I think that’s from my childhood.

Some of my favourite memories are from the Teddy Bears Picnic.

Favourite game: still hide and seek … oh and dancing (although I’m not sure if that’s a game)

What makes me happy: children – playing with them, seeing them smiling. And moms and dads too : )

Something you might not know about me: You won’t believe this, but I’m really a shy bear at heart. Especially at the beginning.

But as mom once told me – when I see the smiles and feel the love – my shyness melts away. (She was right about that too!)

Height: Very very very tall.

Ticklish spots: Under my feet (let’s keep that a secret, though. I’m so ticklish that I can’t stop laughing for ages and ages afterwards).

Favourite time of day: Spending time with all the children. (Reading a story with mom or dad comes a close second, though).

Siblings: 2 (a boy and a girl – they’re smaller than me, but mom says that’s because I’ve grown so tall from all the love in children’s hearts.

Dad says, it’s because I take after his side of the family.)r

Banjo, the Baby Yum Yum bear
Banjo, the BabyYumYum bear
Banjo - Baby Yum Yum
Meet Banjo, the BabyYumYum bear