7 Healthy lunchbox ideas for kids

by BabyYumYum
Baby Yum Yum - Healthy lunchbox ideas for kids
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Ditch the back-to-school stress because we’ve done all the hard work for you: here are 7 healthy lunchbox ideas that South African kids will love (although there’s no reason the grown ups won’t enjoy them too)!

See below lunchbox ideas for kids

Mini cheese & chives loaves

These cute loaves will delight kids of all ages. They can be made into muffins if you don’t have a mini loaf pan (although this kind of pan is a great addition to any kitchen!). These loaves also freeze well, so make a batch, freeze half and you’ve got a ready-to-go option for busy mornings!

lunchbox idea mini cheese chive bread loaves with popcorn and fruit

Click here for the mini loaves recipe

Boerewors & tomato frittata

Leftover boerewors from Sunday’s braai? Make this quick, tasty frittata to liven up Monday’s lunchbox. You can add any other leftover veggies, like roast potatoes or mixed peppers, to keep things interesting. If you don’t have boerewors, use any protein you have in the fridge: bacon, ham, and chicken all work well. You can easily double this recipe for extra servings.

lunchbox idea boerewors and tomato frittata with biscuits and fruit

Click here for the frittata recipe

Chicken meatball skewers

This is a flavourful addition to any lunchbox. You can easily make the meatballs the night before and just create the skewers before you pop them into lunchboxes.

lunchbox idea for kids chicken meatball skewers with salad

Click here for the chicken meatball skewers recipe

Mini pitas with tuna, carrots and lettuce

There’s always a tin of tuna in the back of the grocery cupboard, and you can keep a pack of the mini pitas in the freezer. Then it’s a matter of minutes to whip up these tasty morsels. Serve with homemade (or store bought, we’re not judging) tzatziki.

lunchbox idea for kids kids mini pitas with tuna and vegetables

Click here for the mini pitas recipe

Vetkoek with feta & biltong

Everybody loves vetkoek, right? This super easy recipe gets an even more ‘local is lekker’ twist with the addition of biltong. Make sure the biltong is nice and dry otherwise you will struggle to chop it finely. The feta in the centre is a yummy surprise when you bite into it.

lunchbox idea for kids vetkoek with feta and biltong recipe

Click here for the vetkoek recipe

Zucchini fritters with salami & cream cheese

Sneak some extra veg into their lunchbox with these yummy fritters. The batter is quite loose, but it comes together when it’s cooked.

lunchbox idea zucchini fritters recipe

Click here for the fritter recipe

Mini flapjack mini pizzas

Sunday nights are flapjack nights in our house, and there are always leftovers. Then I had the idea to use the leftover flapjacks as quick pizza bases. Use any toppings you have available and get creative! You can even get the little ones involved in making the pizzas. Just a few seconds under the grill is all you need to create these tasty treats.

lunchbox idea for kids mini pizzas made from leftover flapjacks

Click here for the flapjack mini pizza recipe

This post has been included by Twinkl among their top picks for 10+ Healthy (and delicious) Lunch ideas for the whole family.

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