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by Nikki Temkin
Things We Love February 2023
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It’s the month of love and we’ve compiled a list of ways to say “I love and appreciate you” to yourself or to someone else. By Nikki Temkin

Harmony & healing

I began using Soil Aromatherapy Oils during Covid and have never looked back. I’m a huge fan and enthusiastic proponent of the power of essential oils to help with everything from a snotty nose and coughs (Peppermint or Wintergreen), concentration (Focus) and anxiety (Balance or Rose Geranium) to sleeping soundly (Lavender and Chamomile or Sleep blend), insect repellant (Bug Away or Citronella), PMS (Clary Sage) and treating skin rashes (Tea Tree)!

What’s more, my kids are obsessed and like to use their own remedy rollers, their favourites being Breathe Easy, Relax, Revive and Mindset– and they all smell divine. They take them to school and keep them in their pencil cases. It’s no exaggeration to say that Soil’s organic, local, pure aromatherapy oils can transform your life!

Plus, they’ve been ethically and environmentally farmed and manufactured and are totally free of any toxins and other nasties… in other words, they are totally safe to use.

The extensive toolkit includes blended body oils, remedy rollers and aroma wax melts so you can create your own collection of goodies based on your needs. The easy- to- use diffuser is also a must as is the lavender baby massage oil.

My only warning is: once you start using them, you’ll be addicted. Give yourself and your family the gift of health, harmony, wellness and healing by discovering the natural power of oils now.

Buy here

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Baby love

Dress your baby in heart-themed clothes just because they are cute!
Buy from Cotton On
Pick n Pay

Hoolies Baby Clothes

Go with your gut

Part of loving yourself is looking after your digestive system. By now we know how important gut health is for absolutely everything, not only regarding our physical health and immune system, but also our mood and emotional wellbeing. Taking a daily probiotic has become an essential to preserve your good gut bacteria, reduce allergies, fight germs and so much more.

However, it’s very important to choose the right probiotic. ProbiFlora contains all the well-researched strains that your body needs to rebalance the microflora of your gut. Plus, they also offer drops to make it easy to give to your baby as well as products developed especially for toddlers and kids. Show your gut some love today!

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Theatre-lovers dream

Why not celebrate Valentine’s Day with a family outing to the theatre? The World’s most loved musical – Rogers & Hammerstein’s The Sound of Music is back in SA.

Presented by Pieter Toerien with Cape Town Opera, the well-known story of the Von Trapp family’s flight across the mountains from Austria features some of the most memorable songs performed on the musical stage including “My Favourite Things”, “Edelweiss”, “Do-Re-Mi”, “Climb Ev’ry Mountain”, and the title song “The Sound of Music”. It’s an excellent production, not to be missed!

Book tickets here

The Sound of Music

Sweet nothings

Get your man a selection of pretty sweets in the Candy Treat Box from Frank & Olive—he’ll be sweet on you forever.

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Frank & Olive Candy Treat Box

Get crazy!

It’s that time of the year again when lovers all over the world go out of their way to make their special people feel loved and this year, The Crazy Store is inviting South African families to celebrate love in all forms. Brace yourselves because they are giving away not just one or two, but 3 vouchers valued at R250 each!

Be it showing your grandparents that you appreciate them or maybe you would like to remind the little ones at home that they are loved. Whatever your family dynamic, The Crazy Store has a little something to make your special person feel all giddy inside.

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Now, here’s how you can enter:
simply like their page and ours, share the love by spreading the news far and wide, and tag your Craziest bestie in the comments who possesses an equally insane passion for all things wacky and wonderful.

Don’t miss out on your chance to win these incredible prizes. Get excited for Valentine’s Day with The Crazy Store!

The Crazy Store is giving away a whopping 3 vouchers valued at R250 each!
Enter here

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Skin savvy

Your teen is going to love you if you get them Oxy Vitamin C Serum for acne prone skin which helps redness, pimples and inflammation as well as hydrates so it doesn’t dry out while getting rid of pesky pimples.

My teen is obsessed with it and if a teen really likes something, it must be pretty good. In other words, it really works!

Buy here

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Clear the air

What better way to show love then to ensure good air quality for your family! The Solenco Air Purification Pal enhances air quality by eliminating bacteria and viruses in your immediate environment and reducing allergy symptoms for your entire family. I have one at home and it truly works like charm! Plus, it has a super-quiet night mode.

Whether it’s fighting off seasonal allergies or dealing with daycare syndrome, the Solenco Air Purification Pal has a 3-in-1 pre-filter, carbon, and H13 HEPA filter that trap up to 99.975% of bacteria and virus particles, as well as allergens, pollen, dust, smoke, mould spores and pet dander.

Its portable and easy to use, with an optional range of interchangeable characters to keep kids amused. What are you waiting for?

Get yours here

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Heartfelt stationary

Your schoolkids are going to simply fall in lurve with the heart motif stationary at Typo. And you can shop online.

Get it here

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Write your own erotica!

In the month of love, did you know that learning to write and publish your own sexy stories could not only keep you … um stimulated but also be lucrative? It’s a massive market.

Check out some of these links for more info.


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