Things we love: July 2024 winter edition

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Things we love: July 2024 winter edition - hearts
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Everything that every home needs this winter to not just feel good but great! By Nikki Temkin, beauty maven of all things pampering and pure for you and your little ones in Things we love: July 2024 winter edition.

Jockey® 2 Pack Athletic Vest

Jockey for men!

This might sound quite groce (gross), but have you looked (really looked) at your partner or dads underwear and socks recently? Understand these things  get washed and recycled day after day, which inevitably turns into year after year and then something finally says, its time for new grundies. But….. who wants to head to the shop to buy this stuff? What a boring buy, its almost like servicing a car, paying money to just put back what you already have. So, those underpants go on living longer until they literally fall off your bum.

One day though, dad gets those new undies and phwoar, what a relief, soft cotton, hugging elastic that keep everything in place, pure luxury. It’s like you have been sent to heaven (well, maybe not there but its damn close). Then you realise, why did I resist, what was it all for?

So kids and partners, when someone says they are giving their dad (their favourite person in the whole world) some underpants and socks as a gift, understand they are giving them a luxury experience that you cannot even fathom. Jockey cotton offers great comfort and will stand the inevitable test of time. Their jocks, socks, PJ’s and warmers give you so many options and are on trend with the latest styles.

Jockey socks and jocks as gifts are great. Don’t believe the nay sayers. 

Check out their awesome range here!

ALSO stand a chance to win a R1000 Jockey hamper here!

Supernatural skincare for babes

We are always looking for gentle and natural products for our babies. JOMAR fits the bill beautifully. Offering, a complete range of luxurious baby products developed by experts with integrity to care for the delicate skin of little ones, this is our new favourite for our children. But the truth is that I love it so much that I use it myself! Favourites include: Repairing Balm Oil, Hydra Soothing Gel, Eczema Care Combo, Caring Body Lotion, Calming Rescue Gel, Sunscreen (always looking for a brilliant natural one) and Caring Cream Wash.

JOMAR natural skincare was founded in 2020 by skincare expert and mother, Felicia Kotze, who spent 22 years as a professional in the skincare industry. Now, she’s given modern ingredient-conscious mothers a natural premium skincare range for their babies and toddlers, that they can really trust to care for skin – and without harming the environment. Give it a try and I promise, you will find yourself hooked. 

Order here

Sleep easy

Is sleep eluding you? Simply pour some Tranquil Tub with magnesium for relaxing into the bath, lie back and relax. Not only does it smell lovely, it soothes sore muscles (whether it’s from carrying your toddler or baby around), stiffness or exercise. Plus, you can also add some to your kid’s bath to get them to calm down before bedtime. Soon they will be in dreamland ZZzzz.

Buy here

TranquilTub™ contains carefully selected ingredients that work together to provide a calming and restorative effect on your body

Jaguar appeal

I recently tried Jaguar Fragrances and was pleasantly surprised by how great it smells! The scent blends citrus notes like bergamot and orange with spicy hints of black pepper and cinnamon, giving it a unique and sophisticated appeal. It’s not too overpowering but leaves a subtle, classy impression, making it suitable for daily wear. What I really like is how it leaves a distinctive scent that lingers in a room after you’ve left, so people will know you were there. I would definitely recommend giving Jaguar a try if you’re looking for a new fragrance to add to your collection. It’s worth considering if you want something that stands out with its fresh and spicy blend. Give it a shot—you might just find your new favorite!”

Buy here

Jaguar Classic Black Eau de Toilette 100ml

Shake it

Harvest Table has become one of the most notable and trusted brands for Collagen. Now, you can get delicious meal replacement shakes too. If you have fussy kids and perhaps who don’t eat enough, like mine, this is a delicious alternative. We’re loving the Chocolate and the Vanilla Lean Shakes that the kid’s can’t get enough of and choose whether they want it hot (best for this weather!) or cold.

They contain healthy fats in the form of coconut-based MCT oil powder.  The addition of L-Glutamine assists with cravings and weight loss and the shake is sweetened with their trademarked low-carb Lean SUGA. Best of all, they contain zero added preservatives, additives, fillers or flavourants. Plus, if your kids are lactose intolerant, you can get a dairy-free version. Yippee!

Buy it here


Non- toxic? Check. Environmentally friendly? Check. Sweet smelling? Check. Effective? Check. Local? Check. What more could you want from your household cleaners and your personal care products. I am a huge fan of Earthsap and my bathroom is never without their Foam Bath, Deodorant, Handwash, Shampoo and Lotion not to mention the delicious Bath Salts .

I have just begun using their household products Multipurpose Cleaner, Dishwashing Liquid and Laundry Powder and I do not think I will ever use anything else because I truly believe that this is best for my family’s health.

Buy here

earthsap Natural Shampoo Tea Tree Earth Sap Organic Choice scaled - BabyYumYum

Ageless beauty

We’re all seeking a flawless and revitalised complexion, and everybody knows that Retinal is a fantastic ingredient for wrinkles—ISDIN Retinal Intense Serum is a brilliant product for reversing the ravages of not sleeping nearly enough.  Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, Retinal Intense combines an aqueous soothing complex with a light-weight oil to achieve the ideal consistency in an effective emulsion. It reduces the visibility of wrinkles, encourages skin rejuvenation, triggers the synthesis of collagen and elastin, minimises sebum, strengthens the barrier function and counteracts ageing. What more could you want?

This powerful anti-oxidant boosts the skin’s natural defences against free radicals from UV radiation, oxidative stress, and pollution. It works while you sleep to repair and heal the skin from damage that occurs throughout the day.

Find out more here

Isdinceutics Retinal Intense ISDIN
Isdinceutics Retinal Intense ISDIN
Mizani - BabyYumYum

Frizz-free & au natural

Good hair makes us feel good! Mizani, a pioneer in salon-quality haircare for natural wavey, curly, and coily hair, has released of its reformulated and relaunched True Textures line. Designed for naturalistas, this luxurious collection offers enhanced definition and nourishment for curls, coils, and waves—without drying out the hair. Trust us, you won’t look back.

Check it out here

Cool Stool™ is a 100 raw high fibre and super seed mix and daily supplement designed to promote natural bowel movement while optimising gut health - BabyYumYum

Cool Stool

Gut health is super important for your immune system, being that about 80% of immune cells reside in your digestive system. Cool Stool™ is a 100% raw, high fibre and super seed mix and daily supplement, designed to promote natural bowel movement while optimising gut health. Try it and you won’t look back. 

Get yours here

Banish scaly skin!

In winter, dry skin is a common issue but have no fear, Lamelle is here! This brand is my go-to for daily luxury skincare that really makes a difference. I’m a huge fan of the Serra range for dry and sensitive skin. Try the Soothing Cream and Restore Cream as well as the Lipid Recovery Mask in the colder months.

Plus, if your skin is showing signs of ageing (and let’s be honest, once you’re a parent, it’s like ageing in dog years), then an excellent eye cream like the Eye Cream is the bee’s knees  and the Dermaheal Cellular Repair Cream are non-negotiables. If you’re struggling with dark marks or sun spots (common and during pregnancy, the Correctives Brighter Serum must be your go-to. Plus, do not forget the Helase suncream is super-absorbable and leaves absolutely no greasy residue on the skin. (and yes, you still need sun protection in winter!)

Find your stockist here

Perfect Winter Comfort With Serra by Lamelle
lamelle Dermaheal Range

As we wrap up this edition of “Things we love: July 2024 winter edition,” we hope you’ve found inspiration to make your home not just feel good, but great this winter. With expert recommendations, embracing the season with warmth and comfort has never been easier.

Remember, a cosy home and pampered self can transform these colder months into a truly delightful experience. So, here’s to a winter filled with comfort, luxury, and pure bliss. Stay warm, stay pampered, and enjoy every moment of this wonderful season with Nikki Temkin’s favourite winter essentials.

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