Xmas gift guide 2023

by Nikki Temkin
Xmas gift guide 2023
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The BYY team gives you the list of what we want to get and give this festive season. Plus, we have lots of presents for you too in the form of fabulous giveaways! Remember that giving gifts has proven in studies to have longer lasting effects on your happiness than receiving.


Xmas gift guide 2023 - Family

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Ultrasonic humidifier

Is your skin taking a beating? Are your allergies acting up? The Solenco Top Filling Humidifier with its advanced technology is the perfect solution. This fights the harsh impact of dry air on your skin and your respiratory system. It has both warm and cool mist options which is so useful!

Compact, portable, quiet  and remotely operated, it will improve overall skin hydration, alleviate a blocked nose, and help you and your entire family to breathe easier. It also features an integrated aroma diffuser, transforming your space into a serene oasis. Every home needs one! Hint hint…

Get it here

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Christmas spirit

Why not buy those you love tickets to the enchanting and heart-warming show? A Christmas Carol, showing in JHB and CT, offers a new twist to this timeless tale,  and has something special to offer to everyone, both young and old.

Prepare to be transported into the heart of Victorian London and follow the transformation of Ebenezer Scrooge as he discovers the true meaning of Christmas, kindness, and the importance of giving back.

Book here

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Good gut

it’s important to choose the right probiotic, so gift yourself and your kids Probiflora.

Whether you’re seeking immune support, considering a multi-strain formula, addressing IBS symptoms, or preparing for indulgence during the festive season, this one contains multi-strains of well-studied probiotics proven to rebalance the gut microflora.

 Buy here


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Escape time

For those Comic-Con fans who enjoy a world where imagination knows no bounds, there’s a brand new type of Escape Room: it’s an immersive, superhero-themed experience called Marble.

Buy your kids a captivating escape room experience where you can all get to solve exciting puzzles and engage in the magic of storytelling at its fantastical and innovative best.

Book here

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With a twist!

Kick off Xmas with a fun twist to the classic game that has the whole family in knots: new  Twister Air. Take moves from the mat to the screen with the app-enabled Twister game. This fun party game includes eight colourful Twister Air bands and a device stand that works for any smartphone or tablet.

Don’t forget to save your savvy moves to your smartphone and re-live the fun or share to friends across your social media platforms. Make memories with the Twister Air augmented reality app game, ideal for creating hilarious family game night moments or kids playdates and makes for an exciting holiday gift for families and kids ages 8+.

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Foolproof meals

Let’s be honest, we could all use a little help with supper ideas. RecipeTinEats: Dinner is a must-have for your kitchen shelf. Nagi Maehashi  is Australia’s faveiourite cook and it’s easy to see why. Her dishes are mouth-wateringly delicious, simple to understand, and even have a helpful video for every single recipe (just scan the QR code).From comfort food to fast and easy food for weeknights, Mexican favourites, hearty dinner salads, Asian soups and noodles, and special treats for festive occasions, it’s all here: 150 dinner recipes, all delicious. Cook the food you want to cook, eat and share, night after night.

Buy it here

RecipeTinEats: Dinner

The Local Edit is your ultimate stop for your favourite top quality and most desirable local brands for décor, clothing, furniture, accessories, jewellery, clothing, babies and kids. And, it’s even simpler to buy by downloading the app onto your phone.

Check it out here

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Flower power

Send the prettiest posies and gifts to the ones you love. Nothing says appreciation more than fresh flowers.

Petal & Post

Petal & Post


Xmas gift guide 2023 - Men

Cool cotton

My man loves the soft kikois from Mungo. This famed cotton and linen brand weave all manner of magical things from tablecloths and throws to towels and blankets. Such beautiful quality and in every colour you could possibly wish for.

Get it here

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Art & wine

The art of gifting lies in surprise, delight and good wine, of course. Take a creative approach to gifting those you love with one-of-a-kind, local art piece from our Spier Arts Project paired with either a bottle of Creative 2 or 5 from Spier Collections.

Or treat your favourite host with a stylish gift pack. Perfect for the person who loves intimate gatherings, this gift-wrapped pack includes: An elegant wooden tray with leather handles, melt-in-your mouth preserved figs from Spier Fam Café and a bottle of Spier Good Natured Chenin Blanc.

Buy here

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Man bag

Looking for a unique, luxury gift to spoil your man? Lily Rose Collection’s neoprene bags are designed for the modern man and crafted with meticulous attention to detail.

The bags combine functionality, style, and durability to elevate his everyday style. Whether he’s a jet-setter, an adventurer, or a busy professional, you will find the perfect bag to suit his needs.

Buy here

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Eco male

if your man is into organic, toxin-free and environmentally-friendly, then the new Earthsap East India Islands range is just up his alley. Exotic smelling (but not too strong!) The range includes body wash, shampoo, conditioner and handwash- all with absolutely no nasties. We love it and  we know he will too…!

Buy here

 Earthsap East India Islands

Jocks unite

We don’t understand it, but for some reason men like to wear their underpants until they are torn and holey. The solution? Spoil him with some new underwear for Christmas. It’s a win for everyone!

Buy here

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Of course, he likes to smell good so pick out the perfect cologne and it will be all good aromas…

Buy here

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Xmas gift guide 2023 - Mom

Pillow talk

We found the perfect pillow for pregnancy, breastfeeding and reading from Mellow Mamma. Crafted for serene rest and nurturing support, its luxurious design with bendable arms offers tailored comfort, while a removable head-pillow lets you personalise it. Say goodbye to restless nights and welcome a world of blissful relaxation and convenience with this essential companion for your journey.

Buy it here

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As huge fans of NeoStrata we know that this is the ultimate luxury skincare indulgence and that the Skin Active Repair Set is totally amazing. This set features three exceptional products that work in synergy to address multiple signs of aging and restore your skin’s natural beauty: NeoStrata Skin Active Exfoliating Wash (free!), NeoStrata Skin Active Matrix Support SPF30 and NeoStrata Skin Active Cellular Restoration.

We guarantee (through personal experience!) that these products  are truly transformational for your skin and will make your skin feel radiant and look as if you’ve never been sleep-deprived in your life!

Get it here 

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Vital wellbeing

Imagine yourself lounging on the beach with a flat tummy, radiating confidence and feeling amazing… Introducing the Kiko Vitals Essential Duo – the perfect holiday gift idea for those seeking a summer wellness regime! This dynamic duo from a brand we are obsessed with, is designed to enhance your relaxation, well-being, and confidence as you soak up the sun.

Say goodbye to bloating and hello to a stunning summer silhouette. The Debloat + Gut Glow is carefully formulated to support your digestive health, providing much-needed relief and improved gut function.

Keep it inside inside your beach bag and celebrate a healthier you.

But that’s not all! It also includes a stylish  Summer Cap, completing your summer look while protecting you from the sun’s rays. Embrace the ultimate summer wellness with this super offer.

Buy it here

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Luscious hair

Summer can play havoc with your tresses, but no longer! The Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate Gift Set is the ultimate gift this holiday season! This limited-edition set includes the Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate and a free Redken Acidic Bonding Shampoo 300ml–the perfect foundation for healthy and vibrant hair.

The Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate is a powerful formula that helps strengthen and repair damaged hair resulting in stronger, healthier-looking hair.

Suitable for all hair types, it provides long-lasting benefits. Formulated with the acidic technology, the shampoo gently cleanses the hair while adding moisture and shine. It prepares the hair for the bonding concentrate, ensuring optimal results and maximum effectiveness. This holiday season, give the gift of healthy and beautiful hair to your loved ones, or treat yourself to the ultimate hair care experience.

Buy from Salon500, Takealot or Superbalist

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Radiant glow

Get Glowing with Exuviance Glow Kit this summer! Are you ready to illuminate your skin and achieve a radiant, youthful glow? Look no further than this skincare set designed to brighten and revitalise dull, tired-looking skin. Suitable for all skin types, this kit will leave you feeling refreshed, confident, and ready to take on summer!

Included in the Glow Kit are two extraordinary products: Exuviance Professional Glycolic Polish: This dual-action exfoliating polish resurfaces your skin, revealing a smoother and more luminous complexion.  Exuviance Bionic Tonic Pads give your skin an instant boost improving the texture and appearance of your skin, leaving it refreshed and rejuvenated.

Buy it at a special price from Dermastore and you will receive an exclusive 20% discount and a free Shweshwe bag with your order!


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Xmas gift guide 2023 - baby

Rock a bye baby

We’re always on the lookout for the ultimate baby sling and we adore the one by local company Sondela Baby. It’s a much more natural and more stretchy than the usual buckle carriers and far softer for you and your newborn. Super easy to tie, you can keep your baby close to you with  absolute comfort. We have one to send to one lucky mama.


Buy here

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Starry nights 

The Smart Galaxy Projector is an entertaining electronic device and it projects the starry sky on your ceiling with floating clouds in changeable colours plus  thousands of stars.A visual experience of milky way, it creates a dreamy atmosphere easily. Your baby can sleep under the magical starry sky.

Buy here

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Count on it

The Linkimals Counting Koala musical toy is an interactive learning to where they can experience lights, songs and phrases that introduce them to numbers, shapes and counting.

When Counting Koala meets up with other Linkimals friends (sold separately), they can talk, sing and play with each other! This Fisher-Price animal toy is perfect for hands-on play, and comes with a roller ball, spinner and push buttons to increase baby’s fine motor skills. + 9 months

Buy here

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Rainbow dreams

The Pink Rainbow Plush Toy is soft and comfy and the perfect gift for your little one. This huggable toy is the perfect companion for a little nap… and so cute too.

Buy here

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Xmas gift guide 2023 - Toddler


Your toddler is going to love this Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Restaurant Playset. We promise that it will keep them occupied for hours on end! This pretend play cafe set lets kids imagine Play-Doh drinks their way. They can create lots of colourful Play-Doh bakery treats with the cookie, cupcake, and donut moulds, frappes, or pretend smoothies.

This Kitchen Creations drinks toy for kids 3 years and up also comes with 8 Play-Doh cans and 20 accessories to perk up their imaginations.

Buy it here

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Party starter

Polly Pocket Watermelon Party is the perfect gift with lots of moving parts and compact so you can schlep it wherever you go. Get ready for splashy fun with a tropical pool party theme with an exterior watermelon design and outer ‘scented’ feature. It includes five surprise and delight features and 12 accessories, plus micro Lila and mermaid dolls. A great gift for ages 4 +.

Buy here


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Building buddy

Get your kid the Build and Race Rig and it will be smiles all round.  You will 100% be the most popular parent on the block with this gift. The buildable racing-themed big rig truck with rolling wheels Includes easy-to-build race car that makes 5 racing sounds! What’s not to love?

Buy here


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Gobble gobble

Hot Wheels City Ultimate T-Rex Transporter Hauler with lights and sounds can gobble up and haul more than 20 cars and then transform into a growling, stomping T-Rex with a race track on its back!

In hauler mode, pull it by the handle and watch it eat the cars in its path. Lower the tail and it transforms into a Robo T-Rex with lights and sounds and a two-lane racetrack. Kids can also launch cars from its mouth!

Buy here


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Piggly wiggy

Pre-schoolers will love imagining fun-filled adventures with Peppa and her friends with a variety of Peppa Pig figures, vehicles, and playsets. Imagine fun-filled road trips with Peppa’s Family Red Car. Based on the car from the animated show, this kids toy car has seats for up to four figures and comes with Mummy Pig and Peppa figures.

Press the steering wheel to hear music, honks, and oinks. With rolling wheels and a trunk that opens and closes, Peppa Pig fans  ages 3+ can pretend to join Peppa on her everyday adventures.

Buy here


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Crafty kids

Have everything at your fingertips with Grafix Gigantic Box of Craft for your kids to create collages, characters and so much more. The ultimate craft set filled to the brim with crafting essentials!

buy here

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tween - BabyYumYum

Blast off

Nerf Dart Blasters are one of the best indoor and outdoor toys for kids interested in high-energy, active play. Double the action with the latest Nerf Elite 2.0 Double Punch motorised blaster.

The Double Punch Dart Blaster features two rapid alternating barrels that move back and forth as you unleash 20 darts in a row. With exciting features and cool styling, the Double Punch blaster is a great gift for kids age 8+.

Buy here

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Take action!

Transformers fans are in for a treat with the release of the Rise of the Beasts Beast-Mode Bumblebee Action Figure. Bumblebee, the brave Autobot scout, soars overhead in his newly scanned eagle mode. This Triple Changer Beast-Mode Bumblebee toy features three conversion modes: robot, vehicle, and beast.

Squeeze the Beast-Mode Bumblebee Transformers figure’s legs to reveal cool beast details. Activate the electronic toy’s light and sound effects at the push of a button. Based on the epic 90s globetrotting adventure!

Buy here

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teen - BabyYumYum

Say cheese

In a digital world where our memories are all online, actual pics are very cool. Your teen is going to love this Polaroid camera and may actually even be nice to you afterwards—for a while anyway!

Buy here

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Kiss & make up

We absolutely love these brands which are not only funky, but also affordable: Catrice & essence have the very best sparkly makeup and everything a young lady might want to wear on a night out or for any festive celebration to make her feel beautiful. Glitter and glam for the girls! (hide it from mommy!)

From Catrice try: Sparkle Glow Lip Balm, Dream in Pure Glitter Top Coat, Endless Pearls Beautifying Primer, From essence try: Love That Glow Bronze Palette, Welcome To Cape Town Eyeshadow Palette and Sparkle All The Way Brush Set.

Buy here

- BabyYumYum

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Play day

Table Top Foosball Table is the ultimate game for them to play with their mates. Loved around the world, now your teen can get in on the action. Extremely sturdy and portable, it offers endless fun.

Buy here

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Eco-friendly beauty

Environmentally conscious teens will adore the local brand: Be Bare Beauty Bars . Do away with pesky plastic and embrace these biodegradable and recyclable packaging, cruelty-free, no chemicals, vegan and made with naturally derived and sustainably-sourced ingredients.

The bars (shampoo and conditioner for different types of skin, body wash and lotion ) all glide effortlessly onto your skin, hands and hair and each one smells  delicious enough to eat (don’t!). The Mixed Minis Essentials is perfect to pack into a toiletry bag for travel. And there will be zero waste!

Buy here

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The watcher

It’s all about the devices at this age but parents will love the Volkano GPS Tracking Kid’s Watch Find Me series

for your own peace of mind. Supported by Apple and Android smartphones, the features include GPS tracking, 2-way Voice calling, Watch-removal alert, SOS button and Geo-fencing so you can keep track of your kids. It also has an SOS Auto-Call button for emergencies. set up a geofence means that you get a call if ever your child moves from where they should be. Check in quickly with 2-way communication and immediately raise the alarm with the built-in SOS auto-call button. The watch will even send an alarm if it is removed unexpectedly.

Buy it here

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Gamer’s delight

If video games are the thing that keeps your teen happy, then it’s a gift no-brainer!

Shop here

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Sun-kissed skin

Your older teen (and you!) does not have to bake in the sun and risk wrinkles, sunstroke and sun damage… Caribbeantan offers undoubtedly the best-loved and effective fake yet most natural-looking tan available. After years of experience in the tanning industry and winning many awards, the brand is loved by those that recognise quality, the affordable price and that you can DIY it!

Spoil her with the whole amazing kit: Tan Application Mitt, Cinnamon & Coconut Skin Exfoliator, Tinted Body Bronzer Shimmer Cream, Bronzing Mousse Gradual Self Tan, Tan in a Can Aerosol, Milk & Honey Hydrating Body Butter and more…

Shop here

tan in a can gradual self tan 200ml - BabyYumYum

Code red

Arduino Zero To Hero Learning Kit  is ideal for electronics and coding enthusiasts of all levels, with a particular focus on beginners who don’t know where to start. The kit offers a total of 37 different online courses, accompanied by helpful videos and guides, which range from basic circuitry design and foundational knowledge, all the way through to very advanced robotics projects like building your own quadcopter.

Regardless of what your skill level is, you’ll be able to pick from a wide range of tutorials of varying difficulty, and immediately start learning, practicing and enjoying a vast number of different projects. Plus, these kits include a full complement of components and modules, which means the user does not have to follow the online courses if they don’t want to.

Buy here

arduino zero to hero learning kit - BabyYumYum

What’s cookin’?

How we would all love our kids to cook a meal for us. If they show any interest in the culinary arts, why not encourage it by sending them to learn from the professionals?

Find the top 10 kids’ cooking courses in SA here

Brilliant holiday books

These are the books that you need to have on your shelf and in your hand this holiday!

Click here to link to all our latest book reviews!

Plus, we are giving away a fantastic hamper of reads courtesy of Jonathan Ball Publishers:

The hamper includes these wonderful kid’s books:

How The Grinch Lost Christmas– Dr Seuss
The Little Book of Safari Animal Sounds
The World’s Worst Monsters by David Walliams
Koku Akanbi and the Heart of Midnight by Maria Motunrayo Adebisi
Thieves’ Gambit by Kayvion Lewis
Dork Diaries I Love Paris! By Rachel Renee Russell
Which Way Round the Galaxy by Cressida Cowell
Virtually Christmas by David Baddiel


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