The weirdest pregnancy cravings!

by Tshepy Matloga-Malope
The weirdest pregnancy cravings
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While many women with a little one on board might crave typical food combinations or snacks, there are other whose tastebuds take them on a wild ride. By Tshepy Matloga-Malope

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey filled with joy, anticipation, and a fair share of unusual experiences. An aspect that often captures attention is the phenomenon of pregnancy cravings. Although scientists are not 100% sure what causes pregnancy cravings, it’s speculated that they are a result of physical changes, hormonal changes, and nutritional deficiencies in an expectant mother.

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Here are first-hand experiences of some mothers:

  • Khomotjo, 43, a mother of three, says her ultimate weird craving was pap and avocado– a very weird combination considering both can taste rather bland. “I used to eat pap and avocado a lot, so much that my colleagues would try to scare me by saying my baby would come out green, so to avoid their scare tactics, I would just hide and eat my pap and avocado in peace. My cravings were stronger than my fear of having a green baby”, she said.
  • Mom of two, Moloko, 32, recounts her shocking desire to eat clay in both her pregnancies. Though the craving might seem bizarre, it turns out that the desire to consume non-food substances can occur in pregnancy. Although she spoke to her OBGYN about this and was given supplements, the craving could only be satisfied by eating soil.
  • For Moipone, whose toddler is now 2 years of age, it wasn’t her who had cravings but her husband, who would crave a combination of oats and gravy. Although this isn’t something that is very common, Couvade Syndrome is a condition in which men with pregnant partners begin to experience symptoms of pregnancy. The causes of Couvade syndrome aren’t fully understood, though several theories exist.

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  • Metse says, “I had the strange desire for gherkins and strawberries with avocado, a combination I continued to eat even after my pregnancy”.
  • Lethabo, 36, reminisces about her constant desire for gherkins dipped in peanut butter. This unusual combination, comprising the saltiness of gherkins and the creamy goodness of peanut butter, satisfied her cravings.
  • Marara 34, “I would eat pap and slap chips with lots of vinegar; I didn’t want sauces or anything on the slap chips except for vinegar and salt”. These unexpected blends brought her a sense of satisfaction during her pregnancy.
  • Bathandwa, a mother of one, says she could not resist the flavourful combination of peanut butter and atchaar. “I would regularly make sandwiches with peanut butter and atchaar; it was just so delicious,” she says.
  • Joanne, who is currently expecting her first baby, says she normally can’t handle hot food, but since her second trimester she has craved the spiciest dishes unimaginable. “I douse everything in hot sauce and add chili peppers to even the most unexpected dishes. It’s like my tastebuds are on fire, says Joanne.
  • “I have never ever drunk sugary sparkling drinks but I used to make my husband go out at midnight to find me Grapetiser as for some reason that was all I wanted to drink all the time in my pregnancy,” says Nikki, 48.

Pregnancy cravings are as varied as the women who experience them, and sometimes they take a surprising turn into the realm of the unusual. From pickles with peanut butter to pap with slap chips, these stories reveal the true extent of expectant mothers’ unique culinary adventures. These odd cravings often become cherished memories, shared stories, and a symbol of an extraordinary journey towards bringing a new life into this world.

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  The weirdest pregnancy cravings

It is also important that expectant mothers consult healthcare professionals about any weird cravings and adhere to their recommendations regarding nutrition and dietary requirements. Cravings should be approached responsibly and with consideration for the health and wellbeing of both the mother and the baby.

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