Momentum Medical Scheme forging a path to affordable healthcare for parents-to-be

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Momentum Medical Scheme forging a path to affordable healthcare for parents-to-be
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The parenting market is pivotal to many sectors of the South African economy, including the healthcare industry.

While welcoming a new addition to the family can be exciting, especially in financially stable homes, the costs associated with becoming a parent can also cause stress and anxiety to others. Against this backdrop, Momentum Medical Scheme has enjoyed a successful partnership with BabyYumYum, a platform that offers mothers support with the most up-to-date information through the BabyYumYum #1ParentingPortal.

Momentum Medical Scheme supports moms

Momentum Medical Scheme has implemented various offerings that support a path to affordable healthcare for expectant mothers. An example of this is its recent sponsorship of the BabyYumYum Virtual Parenting Experience. Having played a pivotal role as a trusted partner of the Scheme’s comprehensive maternity programme, BabyYumYum is an important component in the drive to deliver more health to more South Africans for less.

“We all know that access to quality healthcare is of paramount importance in South Africa and is a key concern for many expectant and existing parents. We also know that navigating the world of parenthood is tough, not least of which is having to manage and plan for the rising costs of healthcare,” says Damian McHugh, Chief Marketing Officer at Momentum Health Solutions, the administrator of Momentum Medical Scheme.

It is under this notion and understanding that Momentum Medical Scheme is committed to providing flexible solutions that ensure its members can use their benefits and savings to place more focus on their unique financial needs.

Sharing valuable information

“Through our long-standing partnership with BabyYumYum, Momentum Medical Scheme provides access to a safe and affordable environment through the virtual platform in which both parents and experts can interact and share invaluable information,” says McHugh.

“With the healthcare sector facing an era of considerable reform, we cannot turn a blind eye to the disparities that exist in the delivery of quality healthcare services in South Africa. As such, Momentum Health Solutions is committed to establishing and introducing offerings that provide low-cost health insurance and medical scheme options that support people from all walks of life on their parenting journeys,” concludes McHugh.

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