Infant Formula Price Comparison

by BabyYumYum
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We know that finding the right formula at the right price is sometimes a difficult task. This is why we have created a comprehensive infant formula comparison table so you can easily see what formula costs at different outlets in South Africa.

Stage 1 Formula

Retailer Novalac 1 (Imported) (800g) Novalac Premium 1 (Imported)(800g)   NAN OptiPro 1 (900g) NAN Supreme 1 (800g) Infacare 1 (900g) S26 1 (900) S26 Gold 1 (800g) Similac Advance 1 (900g) Hipp Organic 1 (900g) Holle 1 (500g)
Dis-Chem R 179.99 R248.99 R239.99 R324.99 R151.99 R214.99 464,99 –1.8kg R217.99 N/A R349.99
Clicks R169.00 R239.00 R239.00 R324.00 R149.00 R249.00 R464.00 -1.8kg R217.00 R379.00 (800G) R
Baby City R179.99 R248.99 R239.99 R324.99 R151.99 R214.99 R464.99 -1.8KG R217.99 R369.99- (800g) R349.99
Pick ‘n Pay R185.99 R248.99 R244.99 R324.99 N/A R 218.99 R479.99-1.8kg N/A R349.99 N/A
Baby Boom R167.99 R229.99 R214.99 N/A R129.99 R194.99 R432.99 -1.8kg N/A N/A N/A
Toy R Us R179.90 R239.90 R239.90 N/A N/A R214.90 R459.90- 1.8kg R219.90 N/A N/A
Checkers R179.99 R249.99 R229.99 N/A R149.99 N/A R459.99 1.8kg N/A N/A N/A
Spar R159.99 R229.99 R244.99 R324.99 R149.99 R249.99 R459.99 1.8kg N/A N/A N/A

Stage 2 Formula

Retailer Novalac 2 (Imported) (800g) Novalac Premium 2  (Imported)(800g)   NAN OptiPro 2 (900g) NAN Supreme 2  (800g) Infacare 2 (900g) S26 2  (900g) S26 Gold 2 (800g) Similac Advance 2  (900g) Hipp Organic 2 (900g) Holle 2  (500g)
Dis-Chem R 189.99 R248.99 R239.99 R324.99 R151.99 N/A N/A R217.99 N/A R314.99
Clicks R 179.00 R239.00 R239.00 R324.00 R149.00 R249.00 N/A R217.00 N/A N/A
Baby City N/A R248.99 R239.99 R324.99 R151.99 N/A N/8 R217.99 N/A R349.99
Pick ‘n Pay R196.99 R249.99 R244.99 R279.99 N/A R218.99 R N/A N/A N/A
Baby Boom R174.99 N/A R214.99 N/A R129.99 N/A R N/A N/A N/A
Toy R Us R174.90 R239.90 R239.90 N/A N/A N/A R R219.90 R N/A
Checkers R189.99 R249,99 R229.99 N/A R149.99 N/A R N/A R N/A
Spar R171.99 R229.99 R244.99 R324.99 N/A N/A R N/A R N/A

Stage 3 Formula

AR (Anti-Reflux) Formula

Retailer Novalac AR 1&2 (Imported) (800g) Novalac AR Digest (Imported) (800g)   NAN AR (800g) S26 Gold AR (400g)
Dis-Chem R 256.99 N/A R329.99 R114.99
Clicks R 238.00 N/A R299.00 R249.00 900g
Baby City R256.99 N/A R329.99 R114.99
Pick ‘n Pay R271.99 N/A R299.99 N/A
Baby Boom R232.99 R334.99 R279.99 R129.99
Toy R Us R244.90 R349.90 N/A R279.90 1.8kg
Checkers R249.99 R359.99 N/A R149.99
Spar R225.99 R321.99 R310.99 N/A

Formula for Colic

Retailer Novalac AC (Imported) (800g) NAN Sensitive (800g) S26 gOLD cOMFORT (900G) Similac Total Comfort 2 (820g) Similac Total Comfort 3  (820g)   Similac Total Comfortr 2 (820g)
Dis-Chem R 232.99 R274.99 R304.99 R279.99 R279.99 R279.99
Clicks R 219.00 N/A R289.00 R269.00 R269.99 R269.00
Baby City R232.99 N/A N/A R279.99 R279.99 R279.99
Pick ‘n Pay R235.49 N/A R258.99 R282.99 R282.99 R282.99
Baby Boom R184.99 R244.99 R234.99 R249.99 R249.99 R249.99
Toy R Us R179.90 N/A R284.90 R274.90 R274.90 R274.90
Checkers R199.99 R249.99 N/A R279.99 R279.99 R279.99
Spar R179.99 R244.99 R245.99 R279.99 R279.99 R279.99

HA (Hypo-Allergenic) Formula

Retailer Novalac HA (Imported) (800g) NAN OptiPro  HA 1  (800g) NAN OptiPro  HA 2  (800g)   NAN OptiPro  HA 3  (800g)  
Dis-Chem R 334.99 R294.99 N/A R418.99 1.8 KG
Clicks N/A N/A N/A N/A
Baby City N/A N/A N/A R239.99-900G
Pick ‘n Pay R348.99 N/A N/A R419.99 1.8kg
Baby Boom R314.99 R294.99 N/A N/A
Toy R Us R329.00 N/A R414.90 N/A
Checkers R339.99 R419.99 -1.8kg R419.99- 1.8kg R419.99- 1.8kg
Spar R309.99 R299.99 N/A R429.99-1.8kg

Formula for Constipation

Retailer Novalac IT 1 (Imported) (800g) Novalac IT 2 (Imported)(800g)  
Dis-Chem R 252.99 R247.99
Clicks R 239.00 R 239.00
Baby City R179.99 R247.99
Pick ‘n Pay R252.99 R252.99
Baby Boom R234.99 R229.99
Toy R Us R239.90 R239.90
Checkers R249.00 R249.99
Spar R221.99 R221.99

Amino Acid Based Formula

Retailer Novalac Aminova (Imported) (400g) Neocate
Dis-Chem R 504.99 R509.99 (400g)
Clicks R 499.00 R 509.00 (400g)
Baby City R504.99 R509.99 (400g)
Pick ‘n Pay N/A N/A
Baby Boom R469.99 N/A
Toy R Us R474.90 R239.90
Checkers N/A R249.99
Spar N/A R221.99

Satiety (feeling fuller for longer) Formula

Retailer Novalac SD (Imported) (400g) Lactogen 1 (900g) Lactogen 2 (900g)   Lactogen 3  (900g) 
Dis-Chem R226.99 R162.99 R162.99 R162.99
Clicks R219.00 (800g) night formula R164.00 R164.00 R164.00
Baby City R226.99 (800g) night formula R162.99 R162.99 R162.99
Pick ‘n Pay N/A R164.99 R164.99 R164.99
Baby Boom N/A R142.99 N/A R142.99
Toy R Us R219.00 (800g) night formula R169.90 R169.90 R169.90
Checkers N/A R164.99 R164.99 R289.99-1.8kg
Spar N/A R164.99 R164.99 R164.99

LF (Lactose-free) formula

Retailer Novalac AD (Anti-diarrhea) (Imported) (600g) NAN Lactose Free (400g) S26 Gold Lactose Free (400g) Lactogen Low Lactose
Dis-Chem R 324.99 R178.99 R166.99 N/A
Clicks N/A N/A N/A N/A
Baby City N/A R178.99 N/A N/A
Pick ‘n Pay N/A R112.99 N/A N/A
Baby Boom R299.99 R159.99 R159.00 N/A
Toy R Us N/A N/A R169.90 N/A
Checkers N/A R179.99 N/A N/A
Spar R299.99 R184.99 N/A N/A

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