How to choose the best nappy bag

Baby Yum Yum - How to choose the best nappy bag
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A nappy or baby bag is an absolute necessity for new moms and becomes an extension of you from both a practicality and personality point of view.

Many moms are happy to settle with the freebie nappy bags but you cannot appreciate the true value of a great nappy bag until you have experienced one. A nappy bag comes with different pockets, it can keep bottles at the right temperature and if chosen correctly, can be used long after your little one outgrows diapers.

Here are a few of my recommendations when selecting a baby bag:

  1. Purchase a bag that weighs as little as possible when empty. By the time you’ve packed it with a few nappies, bottles, blankies and a change of clothes your shoulder will feel like you are carrying a bag of bricks. TOP TIP: Remember that many prams are perfectly balanced and hanging a heavy nappy bag on the pram’s handlebars could result in the pram becoming unbalanced and falling over once you take your baby out.
  1. The nappy bag should be easy to clean (as simple as throwing it in the washing machine or handwashing it, pulling it out to dry and then repack). No one has time to run to dry cleaners or stress about every milk, coloured pen or puréed food spill.
  1. Having a nappy bag with a zipper will help keep items from falling out or from being stolen while you’re not looking. TOP TIP: if you find the zipper tag too small, attached your favourite key ring or a ribbon for easier access.
  1. There should be an easy-access pocket that offers safe storage for your cell phone so that you can keep track of your feeds and snap those in-the-moment photos, as well as read the daily content on BabyYumYum and connect with moms.
  1. Is there a pouch for wet wipes? As a general rule, stepping out without wet wipes is like leaving your house without panties on – you feel naked and vulnerable.
  1. Ensure that there is a wet section to put wet clothes or nappies into.
  1. A wide and long shoulder strap allows for the easy carrying of your nappy bag without giving you friction burn on your shoulder. It’s also a win to have a bag that has shorter straps, which are easier to hook over your pram. Straps or handles should be double stitched to prevent them from breaking when you have overloaded the bag – which will happen more often than not. Being able to be carried as a backpack is also handy.
  1. A small pouch or pocket for your keys is a lifesaver. Mothers become skilled at doing everything with just one arm that having a safe, easy-to-reach and consistent place to store your keys is key.
  1. Many nappy bags come with a changing mat – what a waste! It takes up too much space and becomes yet another thing that you can leave behind. Rather opt for disposable nappy changing mats.

“Purchase a bag that weighs as little as possible when empty.”

  1. Choose a bag that can be gender neutral for either sex of baby such as the Thule nappy bag, as well something that dad can also carry without feeling uncomfortable.
  1. An additional pocket is great for storing a bottle, but it’s even more of a win to have a specific baby bottle holder that you can clip onto your baby bag and detach to clean. TOP TIP: Try find one that is insulated to keep bottles warm or cold.
  1. Opt for a bag that has minimal buckles and studs, so that there is no chance of it cutting into your baby’s skin when carrying both together.
  1. Check that your choice of nappy bag has a wide opening. This will help make it easier to insert and remove items.

Some of the bags we recommend:

Lily Rose Collection nappy bags are made from neoprene which means they are easy to clean! They also come in a fab range of floral patterns.

JJ Cole Collections check out their Facebook page. Products can be bought online from Loot & Takealot.

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