Treating your baby using a gentle, holistic approach to medicine

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Baby Yum Yum - Treating your baby using a gentle, holistic approach to medicine
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Why choose Homoeopathy?

Homoeopathy uses a holistic and gentle approach to medicine which respects that your baby is a perfect new creation. Their little bodies meet many health challenges as they grow and as they begin to develop their own immune systems.

Homoeopathy seeks to stimulate the body’s own healing power in order to overcome these challenges.

Babies commonly suffer with all sorts of niggles such as runny tummies, difficulty teething, irregular sleeping patterns, constipation, runny noses and coughs, to mention just a few, and moms and dads end up frustrated, anxious and tend to want to try and steer clear of antibiotics when baby is still so little, so looking for a gentle approach is often top-of-mind.

The Natura Mom & Baby range empowers new families with a gentle, holistic and easy-to-use toolkit to turn to when it comes to everyday baby health challenges.

Natura’s Mom & Baby Range of Homoeopathic Remedies

The Natura Mom and Baby range consists of 13 remedies, which come in an innovative melts format. 

Natura homeopathic remedies for babies

The melts are small quick dissolving tablets with a slightly sweet taste. They dissolve in approximately 8-9 seconds, which makes administering the remedies to your baby easy.

The quick dissolving format removes the chance of choking and, also as importantly, they dissolve before that clever baby tongue can spit them out. Because let’s face it; babies will spit out just about anything.

 Tips for using the Natura Melts:

  • With newborn babies you can dissolve the melt between your fingers and rub it on baby’s tongue.
  • If/when your baby switches from breastfeeding to bottle feeding, watch out for constipation and try Natura’s Kronolax as soon as it starts.
  • When using Dental melts for difficult teething, rub the dissolved melts on the gum area wherever swollen.
  • Snappy Nappy and Danon work well together – treat the runny tummy and the nappy rash it may have caused.

Natura Mom & Baby Melts: No mess, less fuss, and no guilt over upset little faces.

Natura Mom & Baby homeopathic range of medicines

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