The strangest things moms have done during labour

by BabyYumYum
Baby Yum Yum -The strangest things moms have done during labour
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We asked moms for some of the craziest things they’ve said during labour, and we never expected such hilarious comments.

Tina Goldsmid: “My pregnancy cravings didn’t end in the hospital ward – my husband had to run and get me orange juice, chicken schnitzels and mashed potatoes about half an hour before I gave birth”.

Katy Knott: “I asked my doctor not to mention the gender of my baby until my husband and I had had a good look for ourselves”.

Rhonda Jarvis: “I asked my husband to wear his Armani fragrance as it reminded me of our first date, and I wanted to go back to that awesome place in my memory!”

Elna van Zyl: “I requested my sister, who’s a makeup artist, to come and do my makeup just after I got my epidural – I wanted to look my best in the photos!”

Imka Thumigar: “I asked my husband to play Metallica from his phone during labour. My doctor was a bit shocked, as most women want peaceful music, but it really helped me with the pain”.

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Kholwa Mokeona: “During labour – 15 hours’ long – I asked my doula to wash and condition my hair. I felt sweaty, and this felt like the best thing to ease my pain – and nerves!”

Oratile Ndlovu: “Coco Pops…I asked my partner for my favourite childhood cereal! He had to drive to the shops, around 4km away, in order to satisfy my huge craving.”

Natasha Samson: “I asked for my parents to be present in the birthing room. A lot of people were freaked out that I would want my dad there, but I really wanted him present for the birth of his first grandchild!”

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Thabisa Sithole: “Part of my birthing plan was to put on fairy lights in the room, and play some classical music. I also refused to be in hospital clothes, and instead wanted a lovely linen nightie. My gynae was a little surprised by my requests, but gave in!”

Alexandra Stevenson: “After about six hours of labour, I asked to be taken to look at the babies from outside the nursery. I hoped that it would speed up labour by looking at the cute babies. I can’t say that it helped, but I did give birth around an hour later.”

Ijemo Khumalo: “After not feeling like vegetables for my whole pregnancy, i suddenly craved a salad with balsamic vinegar. My husband had to hot-foot it to the canteen to get me some”.

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Madalitso Cele: “I asked my doula to have a wine spritzer (with ice!) ready for me just after labour. Aside from missing it for nine months, it was weirdly what I craved after my waters broke. It was possibly the best glass of chardonnay I’ve ever tasted!”

Lungile Mtehmbu: “My husband had to play reruns of Friends for me on his laptop. I insisted on it in order to distract me and make me less nervous!”

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