The funniest things women have done while pregnant (because pregnancy brain is REAL!)

by BabyYumYum
Baby Yum Yum - The funniest things women have done while pregnant (because pregnancy brain is REAL!)
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Is ‘pregnancy brain’ a real thing? If you’ve ever been through a pregnancy, you’ll KNOW it is – and that you shouldn’t be held accountable for anything your say or do during that hormonal time. These are some of the funniest – but also the silliest – things moms have done while pregnant.

Got milk?

I tried to heat some milk in the microwave, so I opened the microwave and poured the milk straight in – no mug, cup or any other container. Argh.

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I thought I’d found a hole in the shirt I was wearing. It was new so I was, understandably, outraged. I went to show my husband and he pointed out that it was the arm hole. Cringe.

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Shut the door!

I couldn’t figure out why the microwave wasn’t working and began aggressively pushing ALL the buttons. It wasn’t until my husband came and closed the microwave’s door that I realised my mistake.

You put it where?

It took me almost a week to find where I’d put the TV remote. Can’t imagine why I hadn’t thought to check in the freezer before that!

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I freaked out at the shops because I couldn’t find my four-year-old son. I was frantic and begged security to close the store so nobody could leave. They were so helpful and everyone in the store was looking for my son. Imagine my embarrassment when someone asked ‘where I’d last seen him’ and I remembered that he was at home with the nanny.

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I wasn’t actually pregnant at the time but about two weeks after I had my daughter (so I feel like this still counts) I managed to unpack a full dishwasher and put everything away – without noticing that the dishes hadn’t been washed yet.

What a mess

On more than one occasion (confession: I actually did this at LEAST three times!) I spent the entire day – including going to work and to the shops – wearing my maternity dress inside out with the label on display. Nobody said anything and I only noticed when I was getting undressed to go to bed. I’m comforted, though, by my friend who once went to work with mismatched shoes on, and she couldn’t even blame it on pregnancy brain!

Call me

I’d written someone’s phone number down on a piece of paper. I got their voicemail so told them my name and said to call me back – but instead of leaving my own number, I gave them the number that was written on the paper (so, I asked them to call me back on their OWN phone number). *shrugs*

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I couldn’t for the life of me remember which toothbrush in our bathroom was mine. I eventually had to call my husband to ask him.

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I’ll take two, please!

My pregnancy brain fog didn’t involve forgetfulness as much as I just got VERY easily distracted. So I’d often only put mascara on one eye or shave one leg in the shower…

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