Entertaining the kids this weekend without breaking the bank

by Pamela Madonsela
Entertaining the kids this weekend without breaking the bank
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Children tend to lose interest quickly– playing with toys, colouring, is not always enough to keep them entertained. To prevent the distress of having bored children, consider these affordable options:

Ice cream date

There’s nothing ice cream cannot fix. Visiting a restaurant for ice cream, a waffle, or a kiddie’s meal is not only affordable but will also allow you to take some time out while the kids play. We recommend that you look up child-friendly restaurants in your area where children can enjoy themselves. Some restaurants have childminders in the play area to ensure the child’s safety whilst you enjoy time to yourself or with other parents.

Muddy puddles

Who said we can’t have fun in the rain? A rainy day doesn’t mean kids have to be stuck inside the house. Kids love exploring with water. The inconvenience of wet clothes or fears of catching a cold might lead to resistance from the parents. Instead of looking at the rain through the window, parents can gear up their little ones with boots, a raincoat, and an umbrella and let them play in the biggest puddles. If you have a Peppa Pig fan in your home, this might be the best thing they will do the whole day.

Picnic days

On a sunny day, visit your nearest park and have a picnic with the kids. You can invite other moms as well to join in. Or organise a gathering where everyone contributes a dish and host it in the comfort of your own backyard.  Do you notice how your kids like involving you during their playtime, inviting you to their tea party or asking you to change their doll’s nappy The whole idea is for you to get your inner kid playing..

Dance party

Create a playlist of your kid’s favourite tunes, put on your dancing shoes and have a party. Let the jams roll and create wonderful memories with your little ones.

Great outdoors

Consider visiting a nearby park, nature reserve, or hiking trail to immerse yourself in the wonders of the great outdoors. A leisurely nature walk, during which you can marvel at the diverse array of plants and wildlife that inhabit the area can be wonderful. Hop on your bikes, and explore your neighbourhood or meander along a picturesque bike trail. Enjoy a full day of fun-filled activities by the seaside, playing in the waves and constructing majestic sandcastles.

Indoor treasure hunt

Organise an exciting and engaging Indoor treasure hunt, offering participants the opportunity to craft an intricate treasure map and cleverly conceal clues throughout the entire house.

Giving a paw back

Visit your nearest SPCA or animal shelter and volunteer alongside your kids to offer some much-needed love and cuddles to the animals residing there. This simple act of giving back can have an immensely positive impact on both the animals and yourselves. Research has shown that pets, including those waiting for adoption, can significantly improve one’s mental health. By spending time with these furry companions, you create a therapeutic environment that promotes emotional well-being for all involved.

Moreover, involving children in such activities empowers them emotionally and socially while imparting lasting life skills. The experience of volunteering at an animal shelter fosters empathy, compassion, responsibility, and patience in young minds—skills that will undoubtedly shape their character as they navigate through life’s journey. Family Fun Time Ideas that Don't Break the Bank

Visit family

Visiting family that you haven’t seen in a while can be an incredibly heartwarming experience. It brings joy to both parties involved as they eagerly anticipate the reunion and look forward to catching up on lost time. Each moment spent together creates new memories etched into their hearts forever – moments they will cherish deeply when apart once again.

Giving back

Clean out your closet and giving back to charity is a remarkable opportunity to strengthen family bonds without straining your finances. In today’s world, where empathy seems scarce at times, taking the time to understand and share the feelings of others can truly make a difference. This act alone serves as an exceptional role model for our children by teaching them compassion, selflessness, and acceptance towards others – qualities that are invaluable in shaping their characters for years to come.

Bubble pop

Open the bubbles or make your own with soap and water and have the kids entertained for hours. Whether you choose to dive into a store-bought bubble solution or concoct your own magical mixture, this simple yet delightful activity is sure to keep children enthralled without putting a strain on your wallet.

Learn photography

In today’s digital age, it has become second nature for people to reach for their cell phones and capture moments of the world around them. Whether it is a breathtaking landscape, adorable pets, or simply themselves posing with a smile, snapping pictures has never been easier or more accessible. And believe it or not, this simple activity holds numerous benefits that won’t break the bank account.

Learning photography can be particularly great for kids and teens as it helps boost their confidence by allowing them to explore their artistic abilities and showcase their unique perspectives through visual storytelling. Additionally, practicing photography encourages mindfulness – a state where one becomes fully present in capturing fleeting moments and appreciating even the tiniest details around them. During loadshedding when electricity is scarce, making sure your phone is charged will ensure you never miss an opportunity to freeze a beautiful scene forever.

Board games

Get the board games out and teach your kids to play, even learning to play chess is a nice skill to have. Chess, often considered the game of intellectual giants, offers numerous benefits for children. Not only does it improve their memory and concentration power, but it also enhances their planning and organisation skills through foresight.

Plus, playing chess contributes to mental and psychological improvement by challenging youngsters’ critical thinking capabilities. The best part is that these activities do not break the bank while allowing you ample opportunities to bond with your family over an intellectually stimulating pastime.

Pitch a tent

Camping in your back garden with marshmallows and the kids takes that weight off your shoulders and lets you take it easy. There’s no travelling either, meaning you can prepare and get to your campsite in less time than it would take to pack the car. Financially, you’ll also be much better off than you would going on a big camping trip. Most importantly, these treasured moments spent together become cherished memories etched into the hearts of both children and parents alike.

How to keep kids entertained without breaking the bank

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