Nurturing healthy play: encouraging creativity and outdoor play

by Theresa Michael
Nurturing healthy play: encouraging creativity and outdoor play
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In today’s digital age, the allure of screens can often overshadow the simple joys of creative and outdoor play for children. As parents, it’s essential to strike a balance with technology, ensuring that our children remain engaged, active, and connected to the world around them. How do we keep children excited about outdoor play, focusing on water activities, imaginative play, traditional games, and fostering a sense of community?

Embrace the power of water play

Water play can be both refreshing and educational. As summer approaches, turning the backyard into a water wonderland can captivate children’s imaginations and entice them away from screens. Consider setting up a water table, providing a variety of containers, funnels, and water toys. Splash battles, creating makeshift rivers, and experimenting with floating and sinking objects can turn a hot day into an exciting adventure of discovery.

Unleash creativity

Encourage your children to embark on imaginative journeys in their own backyard. Designate a “make-believe” corner where they can build, scribble, draw signs, and make castles and create secret hideouts, or become intrepid explorers. By providing simple props like Elmers glue, papers, cardboard boxes, crayons and dress-up clothes, you stimulate their creativity and engage them in active role-playing, a perfect antidote to the sedentary allure of screens.

Rekindling the magic of traditional games

Traditional games are timeless for a reason – they foster social interaction, boost physical activity, and encourage friendly competition. Teach your children games like tag, hide and seek, hopscotch, and jump rope. These games not only improve gross motor skills but also help children understand the value of teamwork, strategy, and friendly play.

Involve neighbours & foster a sense of community

Engaging with neighbours and their children creates a sense of community and expands your child’s social circle. Organise ball games, relay races, or simple outdoor treasure hunts. By hosting these activities, you create an environment where children not only have fun but also learn to share, collaborate, and communicate effectively.

Embrace nature: walks, bikes & picnics

Nature offers a wealth of opportunities for exploration. Organise family walks, bike rides, or picnics in nearby parks or natural reserves. These outings expose children to the beauty of the outdoors while providing opportunities for physical activity and bonding. Encourage them to collect leaves, observe insects, or simply enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.

It is our responsibility to nurture a healthy balance between technology and outdoor play. By incorporating water play, creativity of make believe, imaginative adventures, traditional games, and community engagement, we can inspire children to trade screen time for the joy of outdoor exploration.

These activities not only promote physical development and creativity but also foster valuable life skills, such as teamwork, communication, and problem-solving. Embracing nature through walks, bike rides, and picnics instils a lifelong appreciation for the environment while creating lasting family memories. So, let’s take a step outside, savour the fresh air, and allow our children’s laughter to fill the spaces that screens once occupied.

“Thank you so much for the delightful glue slime that arrived at my doorstep this week. It brought endless joy and creativity into my home as I spent quality time with my grandchildren.

The variety you sent was fantastic; some with sparkling glitter, and others that glowed in the dark. My grandchildren eagerly dove into the activity, kneading and mixing the slime until it transformed into a malleable masterpiece that they could stretch and mould to their heart’s content. This experience was a tremendous bonding moment for all of us, and it turned into a wonderful afternoon filled with crafting and laughter. “

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