The best pregnancy non-alcoholic drinks in South Africa

by BabyYumYum
The best non-alcoholic drinks in South Africa
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Non-alcoholic drinks for pregnant women have become increasingly popular, catering to the needs and preferences of expectant mothers. BabyYumYum has thoroughly researched and carefully selected a range of the best and newest local South African brands that ensure both taste and safety for these special moments.

Whether it be a revitalising punch for the summertime or a festive spritz for joyous celebrations, we’ve gathered a selection of the finest alcohol-free beverages in the South African market. These delectable options that are so satisfying, you won’t even realise you’re abstaining from alcohol.

Fibs Mixed Case

Fibs Mixed Case offers a delightful selection of non-alcoholic beverages that are perfect for all occasions, including gatherings with close friends. This playful assortment is designed to uplift your spirits and provide a refreshing taste experience, making it an ideal choice even for pregnant women who wish to indulge in flavourful drinks without the alcohol content.

Fibs proudly presents their G&T range, which includes invigorating non-alcoholic coolers alongside the timeless Classic Dry and the soothing Rose & Cucumber options. For those seeking a more vibrant flavour profile, Fibs also offers their Fibka virgin vodka-styled drinks collection featuring the tantalising Luscious Lime and Cranberry Crush varieties. Fibs is seriously delicious and that’s no lie!

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Devils Peak Hero

If beer is your kryptonite, do not fear, Devil’s Peak Hero is here to provide a solution even for pregnant women. Unmatched in flavour and carefully crafted, this non-alcoholic brew manages to retain that distinct hoppy taste synonymous with a ‘real beer’. It comes as a relief particularly for expectant mothers who might be craving the unique sensation of savouring a refreshing beverage while being mindful of their health and wellbeing.

With its low-calorie content, Devil’s Peak Hero ensures pregnant women can indulge without any guilt or regrets. Brewed to perfection, it offers an opportunity for moms-to-be to share moments of enjoyment with their loved ones during social gatherings without compromising on their dietary restrictions. Whether you’re an avid enthusiast or simply looking for an alternative experience during pregnancy, Devil’s Peak Hero stands as the ultimate brewski option that satisfies both taste buds and safety concerns alike.

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The Duchess Wine Spritzer

The Duchess, as the name suggests, holds her own. This alcohol-free Wine Spritzer is a godsend for pregnant women who still want to indulge in a refreshing beverage without compromising their health or that of their unborn child. Delicate in flavour and distinct in taste, The Duchess offers an exquisite alternative for those seeking a non-alcoholic option. With its Elderflower White and Berry Rosé flavours, this majestic drink caters to different tastes while ensuring that pregnant women can enjoy every sip guilt-free.

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KolleGin Non-Alcoholic Gin

KolleGin, a handcrafted gin with four non-alcoholic variations to choose from, offers an exciting array of flavours catering to a diverse range of preferences. Among these enticing options are the delightful combinations of Prickly Pear & Elderflower, Litchi & Ginger, and Rose.

However, what sets this non-alcoholic gin apart is its unique infusion of actual collagen into each bottle – hence the clever name. This groundbreaking feature not only adds a touch of innovation but also makes it particularly appealing for pregnant women who may be seeking refreshing alternatives during their journey.

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The term Bitterlekker is an ideal descriptor for this non-alcoholic aperitif, as it encompasses the essence of a sophisticated beverage that presents a subtle bitterness, awakening and invigorating the taste buds. It will not only satisfies your thirst but also provide an exquisite and delightful experience – truly a treat for the senses.

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IceTropez Zero

No need to feel left out when the girls go out for cocktails – this fabulous French import is just as good as the real thing. Zero, the alcohol-free version of the original wine-based IceTropez cocktail is fruity, sparkly and utterly more-ish. In fact, they promise it will be ‘love at first sip’.

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John Ross Virgin Distilled Botanicals

John Ross Virgin contains zero alcohol, sugar or kilojoules (well, there are 6kJ per 100ml, which is basically zero) but with the sophisticated taste – and style cred – of a high-quality gin.

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Dope Drinks

Sit back and really relax with this hemp-extract infused (there’s 6mg in each can) sparkling water drink – available in grapefruit, watermelon and pineapple variants. And there are ZERO calories, so it’s just the good stuff in a can. Enjoy!

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Fehmz Mocktails

Despite all their mocktails being made in South Africa using only local ingredients, Fehmz Mocktails can be found as far abroad as the UAE. Locally, you’ll find them in speciality stores, delis, selected SPARs, convenience stores and restaurants. Choose from Lime Drop Nojito, Cherry Fizz, Pino Colada and more – there are even sugar-free options.

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Abstinence Non-Alcoholic gin is an excellent choice for guilt-free and satisfying appetisers to elevate the beginning of any meal or social gathering.

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