What to do when your child is anxious

by Avashna Ramnarain
Anxious kids are facing unprecedented daily challenges daily to their mental well-being and anxiety. Pressures from academic demands, social interactions, and the pervasive influence of technology contributes to heightened stress levels and diminished emotional resilience.
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Kids are facing unprecedented daily challenges daily to their mental well-being. Pressures from academic demands, social interactions, and the pervasive influence of technology contributes to heightened stress levels and diminished emotional resilience. BYY expert, Avashna Ramnarain, Founder & CEO of Mindful Masterminds, gives guidance.

Some children are naturally sensitive and may have a hard time coping with change or expressing their emotions. The lack of accessible and child-friendly resources for mindfulness and community support compounds these issues, hindering children from developing essential coping mechanisms and emotional intelligence.

From academic pressures to social expectations, the modern world places a myriad of demands on our children. Anxiety, once perceived as a solely adult concern, has become increasingly prevalent among the younger generation. As a parent, witnessing the impact of anxiety on our children is both concerning and motivating.

Solutions for anxious young minds

Recognising the urgent need for age-appropriate solutions to nurture the mental and emotional resilience, at Mindful Masterminds we have pioneered a unique approach. We believe that the development of emotional intelligence and resilience is not just an option; it’s a necessity.

Our mission is to equip the next generation with the tools and skills needed to navigate the complexities of growing up while building strong mental health foundations. Our specialised approach blends encouraging educational content, and a supportive community framework to empower children in their journey toward mental and emotional well-being. Addressing childhood concerns requires a comprehensive strategy.

Our educational initiatives focus on nurturing resilience, emotional intelligence, and leadership skills, providing children with the tools to navigate life’s challenges with confidence. The unique challenges are addressed through engaging, activities, personalised development, and age-appropriate learning resources.

We firmly believe that by empowering children with these tools, we equip them to navigate life’s challenges with confidence. 

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School workshops

Mindful Masterminds extends its reach into schools, offering workshops that address the unique emotional challenges faced by students. These workshops provide a structured and engaging platform for children to develop resilience and emotional intelligence within the academic setting. 

Resilient celebrations

Birthdays with a Purpose is our innovative approach to transforming traditional celebrations into meaningful events. By infusing purposeful activities into birthday events, we create a supportive environment where children can build resilience and strengthen their emotional well-being.

Our themed birthday activities not only engage children in self-expression art activities, and superhero superpower discovery, but also leaves them with a newfound sense of self and inner strength. Positive affirmation activities and self-love elements ensure that children leave their birthday celebrations with an even brighter outlook.

Learning resources

Unlocking Your Superhero Mind & The Animal Allies Series are motivational guides that sparks self-discovery and resilience in young minds. These books unfold through captivating chapters, guiding children to embrace a growth mindset, discover their inner potential, and harness their inner strength accompanied with tons of activities.

This unique resource offering taps into the power of imagination, superheroes, and animal strengths to guide children through challenges. By connecting them with their inner superheroes or spirit animals, we provide a platform for self-discovery and coping mechanisms. 

Mindful Masterminds is a movement committed to shaping a future where every child can face challenges with strength, courage, and a resilient mindset.

Childhood anxiety is a pressing issue that demands our attention. We are hopeful that through innovative solutions and transformative programs, we can empower the next generation. Together, we are striving to build a world where our children grow into resilient, confident, and emotionally intelligent individuals.

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