Lucia Mthiyane’s flapjack recipe

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Baby Yum Yum - Lucia Mthiyane_s flapjack recipe
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This flapjack recipe from Kitchen Queen Lucia Mthiyane is a real treat for breakfast… or dinner… or any time, really!

 Makes 12

You will need:

150 g flour

150 g maize meal

2.5 ml salt

5 ml sugar

5 ml baking powder

280 ml milk

1 medium egg

45 g butter, melted, plus extra for frying

bananas, sliced


golden syrup or honey, to serve

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How to make the flapjacks

1 In a large bowl sift the flour, maize meal, salt, sugar and baking powder.

2 Whisk together the milk, egg and butter.

3 Make a well in the middle of the dry ingredients and add the egg mixture gradually while mixing until it forms a smooth batter.

4 Heat butter in large pan over medium heat.

5 Use an ice cream scoop to spoon the batter in even amounts into the hot pan.

6 Cook each side for about 2 minutes or until golden brown.

7 Serve with bananas, strawberries and syrup.

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Lucia Mthiyane Kitchen Queen cook book

Recipe taken from Kitchen Queen by Lucia Mthiyane (Human & Rousseau)

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