These are the superpowers you immediately get when you become a mom

by BabyYumYum
Baby Yum Yum - These are the superpowers you immediately get when you become a mom
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It’s true. You really ARE gifted a very special set of skills when you give birth – your mom superpowers. So you can say with total confidence (and pride!), “I’m a mom. What’s your superpower?”

Mind control

Honestly, who else could convince a three year old to eat broccoli (even if it was just that one time), brush their teeth or get them dressed and in their car seat by a certain time? We’re officially impressed.

X-ray vision

Just because there’s a solid brick wall separating you from your six-year-old, that doesn’t mean that you don’t know exactly what he’s up to. Is he playing with his trucks when he’s supposed to be getting dressed? Guilty as charged – didn’t even need to open the door to check. BTW, a mom’s superhuman hearing works the same way.

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Master packing skills

Have 5 million things you need to fit into one medium-size bag à la Mary Poppins? No problem. Just ask a mom to do it!

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The ability to keep going… and going… and going… 

Parenting: it’s the most tired you can be without actually dying. Mom duty is 24/7/365 with no lunch breaks, overtime pay or sick leave – and the working conditions are brutal. And all of this is done on only as much sleep as is medically necessary to sustain life. Got a full 5 hours of sleep last night? Lucky you, hope you enjoyed your lie-in!

Magic kisses

Scraped knee, bruised arm or a fistful of hair yanked out by a sibling – one kiss from mom is enough to instantaneously heal any ‘owee’.

Superhuman reflexes

Do you know what superpower is bestowed upon every woman – yes, even the clumsiest of us – when she becomes a mom? Spiderman-like reflexes. Swatting your toddler’s hand away from a hot pan just in time, catching a glass before it’s knocked off the table and swooping in to separate your sons moments before a fight breaks loose. These are skills that cannot be taught.

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The ability to find ANYTHING

Nothing is truly lost until a mom can’t find it. The car keys, baby’s lovey, your husband’s jersey or your teen’s school bag, just because EVERYONE else has looked high and low, it doesn’t mean it’s not right there in front of them. Mom. Will. Find. It.


Moms take on so many roles – chauffeur, accountant, hairstylist, cook, nurse… we could go on – and their superpowers include being able to effortlessly do a million things (note: that’s on a slow day) all at once. Making the feat even more impressive? That we can suddenly do those million things on our to-do list using just one hand.

Endless love

It is impossible for one person to hold that much love in their hearts, yet moms manage to do it every single day. Moms, you are amazing!

And the one superpower all moms WISH they had? 

Invisibility. So we could use the bathroom alone.

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