BabyYumYum kicks off their podcast series talking about COVID-19 with Amanda Rogaly

by BabyYumYum
Baby Yum Yum - BabyYumYum kicks off their podcast series talking about COVID-19 with Amanda Rogaly
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In the launch of our podcast series, Chief Mommy and Founder of BabyYumYum talks openly about COVID-19 to help ease your fears around coronavirus and give you the best advice when it comes to keeping your family safe!

BabyYumYum podcast series on COVID-19

Episode 1: Is it just another flu?

The first of a series of five podcasts, introduced by Paul Rotherham and Amanda Rogaly. These podcasts are designed to offer a lighter point of view, unlocking the hysteria that’s associated with COVID-19. It’s going to be a time where we will be pushed together as a family unit and living in close proximity, with new ways of doing things … Just stay safe and give your kids the strength you know you have inside of you.

Episode 2: The importance of handwashing

Is handwashing a new thing in your routine? You will have become quite conscious of how to do it correctly given the COVID-19 pandemic. Listen to Amanda Rogaly for a short inspiration piece on the importance of handwashing while you are working from home.

Episode 3: COVID-19 and being pregnant

Amanda discusses and unpacks any concerns you might have about being pregnant while the COVID-19 virus does its rounds.

Episode 4: Keeping our kids entertained

We are all in the same space. Calm down and breathe. Enjoy the time to be a family unit.
Get creative ideas flowing with arts and crafts, and teach your children about independence. Set a routine to build some boundaries and maintain order in the household. Children will need boundaries more than ever during this time.

Episode 5: Conversations with our kids

To conclude the COVID-19 series, we talk about how to have difficult conversations with kids. They would have heard information from a number of sources which may cause fear or anxiety within them. Here, Amanda speaks about how you should be honest and, most of all, a supportive parent, adding some ease to a very difficult time of uncertainty.

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