Things we love: January 2024

by Nikki Temkin
BabyYumYum - Things We Love January
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We’ve got the perfect list to start your year off just right!

Brushing up

If you have a hard time getting your kids to brush their teeth (I do!), then this is the perfect solution. Phillips battery powered toothbrush not only looks good, but is battery operated and the best toothbrush we have ever had! It’s the perfect size to get into all those hard-to-reach places. (yes, really). Give it a try.

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Phillips battery powered toothbrush

Magic moisture

Hair often takes a beating over the summer break-what with pool chemicals, sun and sea… Pureology Hydration Holiday Hair Kit is not just for during the holidays, but also afterwards. The creamy, moisture-replenishing shampoo is ideal for normal-to-thick, dry, colour-treated hair. Plus, it offers intense hydration and colour protection. Tingly menthol and mint smell delicious! Plus, the luxe leave-in spray is the flawless finishing touch to your haircare routine. We promise that your crowning glory will be silky smooth.

Buy here or leading hair salons or Takealot & Superbalist.

Pureology Hydration Holiday Hair Kit

Skin renewal

Happy Event is a household name that has been used by generations of women, more specifically to help prevent stretch marks in pregnancy. Happy Event Body Oil is vegan, 100% natural and not tested on animals. Made with argan, olive, marula, baobab and oat oils, and fragranced with lavender essential oil, the oil helps regenerate the skin and regulate moisture with its high concentration of vitamin A and E.

The bottle “cork” ensures that you use the product sparingly as a little goes a long way. The fragrance is not overpowering but lovely. Apply straight after a shower as part of your night-time self-care routine.

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Happy Event Body Oil

Swing it!

One of our favourite places in Jozi to take the kids for a fun time outside, is Acrobranch. There, they can zipline to their heart’s content and use up all that spare energy. They do birthday parties too.

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Movie al fresco

I remember the days of the drive in—it was always so exciting…. Why not take your kids to Galilleo open-air outdoor cinema in CT for a thrilling movie experience?

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Exuberant skin

Total Correct Serum by luxury skincare brand, Exuviance, is exactly what the doctor ordered for skin recovery post the December excess (beach, sun, alcohol, overindulgence etc.) It’s not only hydrating but also lifting, tightening and anti-ageing. This product is now a permanent fixture in our weekly skin repertoire. What more could you want?

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EXUVIANCE – Total Correct Serum

Counting sheep

The Solenco Purification Pal is the perfect companion for your kids’ room!  This purifier ensures the highest quality air for your baby or child. it Improves sleep quality for baby and therefore for you, the parents! It has an optional night light, 4 stage air purification system that gets rid of germs and any allergy-causing particles. The white noise- sleep aid will also lull your little one into a dreamy slumber.

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The Solenco Purification Pal

Stamp it!

I spend so much time in Lost Property at school, I feel like I should move in there! Kidico stamp means no more lost school clothing. Label everything at the beginning of the school year and rest assured your kids items can be lost… and also found. Yay!

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Kidico stamp

Terrific tea

Mellow Mamma Sitz Tea comes packaged with 4 “tea bags” containing a unique blend of Himalayan and mineral salts, lavender, chamomile and witchhazel. This is used for those vital sitz baths after birth that aid in recovery from perineal stitches/tears and haemorrhoids, helping to cleanse and soothe the areas.  Take 1 “tea bag” and add to your running bath water before climbing in and soaking for 10 minutes or more.  After drying affected areas well, discard the “tea bag”.  The Sitz Tea is easy to use and adds a fragrant and relaxing element to standard sitz baths.

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Mellow Mamma Sitz Tea

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