Things we love – August 2023

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Things we love - August
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We’ve scoured the earth, okay, perhaps not the earth, but the country, to bring you all the super stuff you need in August. Read on and thank us later. 

Barbie is back – and she’s a feminist! 

If you haven’t heard that the Barbie movie is all the rage, then you must be living under a giant rock! We think it’s incredible that a doll who gave many of us eating disorders in the 80s and possibly even 90s, has been reinvented as the doll with “deep feelings”, a fear of death and…. wait for it… a vagina!

Take your daughters (from age 13 or so), your grannies, your moms and yourself to see this fun yet deep take on adventures in Barbieland and The Real World. It’s tongue-in-cheek tone works on many levels and the subtext is : It’s OK to be real, be who you are, be authentic and be who you wanna be. And also… how the world is more difficult for women.

Margot Robbie is the perfect Stereotypical Barbie and Ryan Gosling is a revelation as Ken. You’ll laugh, maybe cry but you’ll walk away glad you saw it… and see it again and again if only for your fave outfits. Remember…you are Kenough!

Read more here.

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Teatime- take a sip

We are huge fans of anything natural that helps to boost our kid’s immune systems. Little Tlou Tea is a wonderful way to do that just that – and your child will thank you for it because they taste so good and are caffeine free too! Some of the powerful ingredients include Vitamin C, Moringa Rosehip, Beetroot and Elderberries.

We tried Little Defender (strawberry flavoured Rooibos) which contains to maintain tip top health, Slumber Sip (Chamomile Rooibos infusion), a tranquil blend to help them drop off to sleep and Gentle Belly (herbal Honeybush infusion), to soothe troubled tummies.

Wow! That’s all we can say about this wonderful brand of teas…we’ll definitely be keeping them all in our cupboards as part of our toddler toolkit (although the teen was very partial to the sleepy one and finished it all!).

Buy it here from R50 per box

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Super sunscreen 

Heliocare is undoubtedly the best sunscreen around – and the only one to use on sensitive skin. Having had skin cancer, I won’t take any chances! Their Pediatric 360 range is ideal for daily use in children, for their outdoor sports and for holidays at the beach.

Chasing your kid up and down the seashore to try and smear sun cream on them is no fun at all- but it’s a lot easier with this large Atopic Lotion Spray SPF 50, a hypoallergenic formula designed to protect babies and children even with intolerant, skin—it’s quick and easy so they can run off and enjoy themselves!

Plus, there’s also the Heliocare 360° Pediatrics Lotion SPF 50, a lightweight face and body sunscreen specifically developed for the delicate and sensitive skin needs of babies and children. The Pediatrics Mineral SPF 50+ is also wonderful—you can trust there will be no sunburn with these in your bag.

View the entire range and buy online here. Prices from R380.

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Clean up your house! 

We are now all aware of the toxins and endocrine disruptors in so many of our cosmetics. Why not convert to a brand that’s all natural and eco-friendly?

Earthsap is a divine range of products made from biodegradable ingredients with nothing harmful added. We tried the bath bubble, dishwashing liquid and handwash—and found them all remarkable. I’m addicted to the Tea Tree and Peppermint Bodywash and my kids love the shampoo. Make the healthiest choice for your family.

Order online from Made by Nature  or Takealot or find at health shops nationwide from about R50. - BabyYumYum

Lip smacking good

It’s unfortunately the season when the sniffles are going around. This means dry, cracked lips and noses. Letibalm is the perfect solution. Perfect for your little one too, the pediatric versions are specially formulated to treat babies.

Suited to treat chapped noses and lips, the balm repair is also ideal to use on bruises resulting from repeatedly blowing your nose (colds, rhinitis) and to skin beaten by the weather (cold, wind and sun). It comes in handbag-sized jars or tubes so you can take it wherever you go.

Get it from Dischem from R104.

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Get thee to the theatre 

The NCT (National Children’s Theatre) is our favourite kid’s theatre- their award-winning performances are always brilliant, enchanting and inspiring. A small, intimate theatre, the plays are delightful and it’s a wonderful thing to do with your kids in the holidays or anytime. Mess Monsters Puppet Show is on in August for kids aged 4-9 years of age.

Get them off their screens and show them some culture at an affordable price! They also offer fantastic holiday programmes for budding actors, singers and dancers. If your child is keen on the stage, enroll them now!

Check out what’s on and book here.

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Reading matter 

This is what you need to have on your shelf this month. Here are our BYY staff reviews…


What do monsters and mermaids munch? By Lou-Ann Preston

“I love this recipe book, it has simple recipes for quick snacks for your little one and even some recipes they can try themselves (Under supervision of course).  Simple, fun and for any mommy on the go it’s a must-have for the kitchen.

Buy here for R169

9780637002080 - BabyYumYum

Never, ever invite a Pirate to a party by Clare Helen Walsh

A colourful and illustrative book showcasing the importance of friendship, acceptance, and the purpose of birthday parties. It teaches kids to include all their friends, no matter how different they are. Fabulous.

Buy here for R199


It’s wonderful me by Makhosazana De Wette Dludla.

This book is about the adventures of a young Zulu girl in a rural area  of KZN. A very family-oriented book, it reminds me so much of my grandparents and the relationship I have with them. A short read with lots of exciting visuals, I resonated with the story and found It magical. I’d definitely recommend getting it for your kids—and I’d read it again too!

Buy here for R159

Young adult 

Once more with feeling by Elissa Sussman

Such a good (and dare I say even better) follow-up to Funny you should ask. I loved the singer and boyband turned Broadway plot so much and all the little nerdy references were fun for a former theatre kid. The back and forth between past and present wasn’t hard to follow, and I really enjoyed the little snippets from way back in the story. Such a good read—I’m looking forward to the next one from this author.

Buy here for R249

The Davenports by Krystal Marquis 

A wonderful, light period piece that highlights the unpredictable yet undeniable forces of love, and the universal challenges of coming of age – while simultaneously providing a critical insight of Western society’s unsavoury, entrenched racism. Some scenes many will sadly still relate to. A reminder of how far we’ve come, yet still have to go on our journey to equality for people of all races, genders and origins. I can’t wait for the next book in the series!

Buy here for R199

The Davenports by Krystal Marquis - BabyYumYum


 Booth by Karen Joy Fowler 

A fabulous book about a famous actor and his family just before The Civil War in America in the 1840s—based on a true story The right amount of humour and seriousness to make it compelling. I was sad when I ended. A masterful storyteller. Sad and beautiful.

Buy here for R245

Scattered Minds by Gabor Mate 

If you have kids who have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, or you or someone in your family has the condition which has become fairly common, then this is a must-read. It was written in 1998 and was ahead of its time. Mate is now considered one of the wisest and most accomplished experts of our time. Invaluable understanding, advice and guidance for educators, parents and all people alike!

Buy here for R242

Scattered Minds by Gabor Mate - BabyYumYum

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