Planning for your child’s future should include education insurance

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Many South African parents face the daunting challenge of providing for their children’s education and basic needs amidst the escalating cost of living. Education-related expenses, including tuition, stationery, and school uniforms, have reached unaffordable levels, placing immense financial strain on families. According to Old Mutual, education inflation is exceeding the Consumer Price Index by up to 3%. To put it in perspective, parents can expect to shell out between R651,000 and R1.9 million for public or private education over their child’s school career, an amount that most parents, irrespective of their income, find difficult to save.

For parents looking to secure their children’s future, education insurance policies emerge as a promising solution. These policies provide a safety net, ensuring that funds are reserved for educational expenses in the event of a parent’s death or disability.

Traditional life insurance or funeral policies, commonly held by South Africans to safeguard their families in case of unforeseen events, often fall short of covering the full scope of education costs. These policies typically allow beneficiaries to use the funds as they see fit, which might not align with the child’s educational needs. They are primarily designed to cover funeral expenses, outstanding debts, and general expenses, but they don’t cater specifically to educational fees.

Education insurance policies are purpose-built to bridge this gap, ensuring that funds are directly channeled to schools or educational institutions, guaranteeing that they are used exclusively for the child’s educational requirements.

In choosing an education insurance policy, parents need to carefully weigh various factors, such as tuition, uniforms, books, and whether the coverage extends to both local and international schools. Additionally, some policies cater to both private and public schools. It’s imperative to select a policy that not only offers protection but also immediate value.

The Futurewise Learning Hub is a prime example of an insurance provider that goes beyond traditional offerings. It grants policyholders access to a wealth of educational resources, tutoring support, and partner discounts from day one. This invaluable support system is designed with parents and children in mind, ensuring that their educational journey is comfortable and well-supported. Resources and assistance come from experts in their respective fields, providing policyholders with the assurance of the best services from affiliated service providers and education partners.

In summary, the rising cost of education in South Africa places a heavy financial burden on parents. To secure their children’s educational future, education insurance policies have emerged as a tailored solution. These policies ensure that funds are directed to educational institutions, catering to the specific financial needs of a child’s education. By selecting a policy that offers immediate value and additional benefits, such as access to educational resources and support, parents can navigate the challenges of providing for their children’s education comprehensively and cost-effectively.


Futurewise Education is an authorised Financial Services Provider – FSP 52148.

Futurewise products are underwritten by Guardrisk Life Limited, an authorized Financial Services Provider (FSP No 76) and a licensed insurer in terms of the Insurance Act.

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