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Many people have heard of the Biochemic Tissue Salts and may have seen them in their local pharmacy. However, their gentle, yet powerful healing abilities are generally misunderstood. What is it about these fundamental mineral energies that can make a significant impact to our health and well-being?

Tissue salts or cell salts are a group of 12 minerals that should be delicately balanced within our bodies for optimal functioning to occur. They are found in the Earth’s rocks and soil. Sadly, through our modern, fast-paced lifestyles, our bodies become depleted of these essential minerals through anxiety, stress, poor nutrition, environmental toxins, among other factors. Once depleted, several everyday ailments begin to surface, demanding that we pay attention! When extremely depleted, the body develops symptoms of disease.

History of tissue salts

So, where did the tissue salts originate from? Dr Schuessler, a German homeopath in the 1870’s, was fascinated by the theories of certain great contemporary physiologists, who understood that the key to systemic health lay in keeping all the cells healthy. Schuessler’s studies led him to conclude that the common denominator of all life forms (plant, animal and human) are the 12 tissue salts.  According to Schuessler, cellular nutrition was key to optimal health and well-being.

About the tissue salts

The Biochemic System works by replacing minerals according to a Law of Deficiency. Some cells deplete more quickly than others due to genetics, stress levels and lifestyle. These cell salts are required in perfect balance for the body to function optimally. Schuessler noted that if any of the tissue salts were deficient in the body, this would lead to compromised health, increased stress and finally the onset of disease processes.

“Tissue salts have been shown to improve a variety of conditions such as nappy rash, tantrums, insomnia, attention issues, arthritis, skin disorders, breathing problems and many more.”

“In the past, we could easily replace lost minerals through our normal daily nutrition,” explains a Johannesburg homeopath. “However, in today’s frenetic world of eating ‘on the go’ and the amount of genetically modified foods consumed, most of us have a depleted source of these minerals. By identifying the deficiencies and replenishing them with tissue salts, we can move to a place of health and vitality.”

Interestingly, signs of deficiency can be seen in the face, and if identified and treated with the appropriate cell salts, the deficiency can be corrected before the onset of disease. We are all familiar with the adage, “Every face tells a story” ‒ well in the case of tissue salt deficiencies, this couldn’t be more apt.

“Facial analysis is an integral part of diagnosing tissue salt deficiencies,” explains Beate Schulte-Brader, a natural health practitioner in Fourways. “It’s a tangible approach to identify which tissue salts are lacking in the body. Many conditions, whether they occur in adults, children or babies, can be treated using cell salt therapy. Because the tissue salts are formulated in an extremely diluted potency, they can be safely used in combination with any allopathic medicine.”

What can tissue salts treat?

Tissue salts have been shown to improve a variety of conditions such as nappy rash, tantrums, insomnia, attention issues, arthritis, skin disorders, breathing problems and many more. In addition to providing physical support, tissue salts can also elicit a very positive response for various emotional states.

These white, sweet-tasting pills are directly absorbed through the mouth. They are usually taken three times daily, but, in the case of acute conditions, they can be taken every 20 minutes. With regular supplementation, the cells regain their vitality and functioning, leading to enhanced health and well-being.

The late Margaret Roberts, known to many as the “Herb and Tissue Salt guru” in South Africa, is the author of the informative and concise book entitled Tissue Salts for Healthy Living. Roberts was introduced to the tissue salts by a friend when she was struggling with morning sickness.

“I was given Kali Mur, which immediately resolved my morning sickness and Nat Mur, which quickly cleared my hay fever,” explains Roberts. Since then, Roberts developed a fascination for the tissue salts, which became a catalyst for her own and other people’s healing.

Tissue salts are inexpensive and readily available at pharmacies. They are a gift from nature to restore radiant health and to maintain a positive outlook. So, keep them in your medicine chest – chances are they will become your go-to remedies for many of your everyday ailments.

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