Is it safe to have a massage during pregnancy?

Baby Yum Yum - Is it safe to have a massage during pregnancy
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A heavy belly, constant itching, a sore back and you feel like you’re on an emotional rollercoaster. Sound familiar?! Many expecting moms ask whether having a massage – or other beauty treatments – during pregnancy is a safe way to relieve these physical and mental stressors during pregnancy. The answer is: generally, yes. But the service must be carried out by a qualified and knowledgeable professional.

What is a bump massage?

Now let’s get into one of the most unique aesthetic treatment offerings in the market today. Bump massage.

Yes, you read it right: a bump massage! This is a luxury 45-minute treatment where the lower back, belly bump, neck and shoulders are the focal targeted areas of the service. It is called a bump massage because of the signature “Belly Bump-cial” that is included in the treatment.

Baby Yum Yum - The health benefits of massage during pregnancy

How is the bump massage treatment done?

When a woman is pregnant the areas on the body that take the most strain are:

• The feet
• Shoulders and neck
• Abdomen and the lower back (hips and pelvis included)

The body constantly readjusts itself to accommodate your growing baby, so all the extra weight adds pressure and strain to the muscular and skeletal system causing pain and discomfort in the neck, lower back and abdomen.

A health professional’s goal will be to relax all muscle tension and stress that has built up in those areas using light pressure and gentle touch. The neck, shoulders and lower back are first massaged using very gentle movements and sequences, then the signature “belly bump-cial” is given.

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A facial for your pregnant belly: What is a belly bump-cial?

A belly bump-cial has the characteristics of a facial, but it’s done on your belly. Your bump is gently cleansed, exfoliated, a soothing and hydrating mask is applied then lastly followed by a moisturising balm or oil that helps nourish the skin.

All the products used in this process are specifically for the body and will alleviate any skin irritation or sensitivity caused by the completely normal stretching and expanding of your skin during pregnancy – it is then also coupled with a featherlight open hand massage.

If you visit a professional for a bump massage or bump-cial then each professional product used in this entire treatment would have been ingredient checked to ensure that it is safe for moms and their growing babies.

The health benefits of massage during pregnancy

Just like when you’re not pregnant, having a massage can be good for you. It can:

• Build confidence and encourage body positivity
• Reduce stress and increase oxytocin and serotonin for both you and your baby
• Can stimulate the colon at the sides of your abdomen, this will encourage elimination and alleviate bloating and constipation
• Reduce muscle tension and fatigue
• Aids in relaxation
• Reduces itching caused by stretch mark formation
• Lessen heartburn
• Allows more oxygen flow to your baby and blood flow to the placenta
• Ease pelvic pain

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Baby Yum Yum - Safety precaution during pregnancy massage

Safety precaution during pregnancy massage

  •  Always consult with your doctor or medical care practitioner before getting any alternative health treatments
  • Receive the service from an experienced professional
  • It is not recommended that you receive the treatment in the 1st trimester of your pregnancy as that period is the peak developmental stages of your foetus
  • Take precaution in cases of a high risk pregnancy or have had a previous case of premature labour or miscarriage

There are many ways to receive a bump massage, you can either get it from a somatologist, aesthetician or beauty therapist. The benefits are too good to pass up and this treatment is a great way of spoiling yourself and also taking time for self-care because when you feel your best you will be your best!

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