Is CBD safe for kids: What to know for South African parents

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Is CBD safe for kids
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CBD and its uses are quite controversial. A major question that many parents and researchers have been asking is: Is CBD safe for kids? There are many conflicting opinions and cases. Some believe that it’s to be avoided for kids and others swear by its use. Many parents have found that it can be very helpful, especially for certain conditions, in children. Ultimately the choice is up to you if you have done your research.

What is CBD?

CBD, otherwise known as cannabidiol, can be used for a variety of reasons or treatments. Adults commonly use it for sleep, anxiety, and pain. There is even a CBD medicine for children called Epidiolex which is used for certain kinds of epilepsy.

CBD does not get you high because it does not contain the psychoactive element (THC) that causes a high. So, that concern can be laid to rest.

Can I use CBD oil for kids?

You can use CBD oil for kids. While it may be difficult to administer, as the taste isn’t always fantastic, it is still one of the best ways to take it. CBD oil is usually administered under the tongue and has a distinct earthy aftertaste.Is CBD oil useful for kids with anxiety Baby Yum Yum

While not many doctors would outright prescribe this as medication for children, it can have some has amazing benefits if used correctly. If you have a child who is struggling with seizures, CBD oil may help to reduce them. If they struggle with the taste, there are CBD-infused chocolates, biscuits, gummies and even lollies.

How are CBD and ADHD connected?

One of the most popular uses for CBD in kids is as a method to help with ADHD(Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) as it can relax the user. This is especially helpful in children with severe cases, as it may enable them to concentrate better.

Being able to focus their attention can help them immensely in school and education, as well as other activities. Since CBD has such a calming effect on the body, it wouldn’t be such a reach to assume it would help with ADHD right? While it wouldn’t necessarily cure any existing conditions, it might help manage the symptoms.

ADHD is still a serious condition and should still be treated as per a doctor’s orders. However, using some CBD for ADHD might assist.

Is CBD oil useful for kids with anxiety?

Anxiety is a difficult issue to tackle, as it may often have various sources. Trials and tests are being done to add to clinical research. While CBD oil can be used by a child with anxiety, it may be a case-by-case scenario to see if it works for your child.Are CBD gummies safe for kids

Please use safely and in low doses while testing it out.  As always, since it is not a fully tested product, caution should be taken. Any gummies, CBD or otherwise, are still candy and should be given in a controlled fashion.

Can a child overdose on CBD oil?

There is little to no THC in these products, effectively eliminating any risk of getting high or overdosing. However, there are risks. Many desperate parents are looking to help their children, and they may fall prey to a scam.

There are numerous synthetic knockoffs in the market, and this may pose a danger to anyone consuming these products, not just children.

To avoid any potentially harmful substance, it is best to purchase CBD products from reputable sources and markets. Consulting with other parents or parenting experts may also be a good idea.

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