Formula can help ease your baby’s constipation

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Having a little one with constipation can make you feel really helpless. Not only do you hate to see your baby cramping or unable to pass a stool, but it’s also difficult to figure why they’re constipated, especially if it becomes a regular thing.

It is always best to consult with your general practitioner or paediatrician if your baby’s constipation does not stop. However, we love to learn from other moms and we found one who shared her experience.

“I was a bit frustrated and jealous that other mothers in my baby group who breastfed didn’t have the same constipation issues with their babies. This is because the balance of fat and protein in breast milk is perfect and so the stools are usually softer. So yes, breast is always better, but what if you have no option but to formula feed?

Initially, my baby had constipation when I was using formula, so I thought it was possible that something in the formula was causing the constipation. My doctor explained that the protein in some formulas can cause constipation and he recommended I switch brands (it is always advisable to ask your doctor to recommend the right formula).

One of my friends who was unable to breastfeed started using Novalac IT, a formula made specially to prevent constipation in formula-fed babies – the IT stands for Improved Transit. This formula doesn’t contain any medicines and is made so that babies have softer stools and don’t suffer from constipation. I went online to check it out and was happy to see that there are clinical trials* which show it does work. Also, IT has all the nutritional needs for your baby up until the age of three years, so you don’t need to use any other formula or supplement it with another. Remember to ask your doctor before you make any changes to your baby’s diet.

I also noticed that when I started introducing solid foods my little one became constipated and I soon realised that I was feeding her cereal that was low in fibre. Make sure you are feeding your baby food that contains enough fibre.”

“Protein in some formulas can cause constipation.”

Ways you can help ease your baby’s constipation:

  • Exercise really helps. The best advice my sister gave me was to lie my baby down and pump the legs gently as if they were pedalling a bike. I did find that this worked like a charm.
  • If you use formula, ask your doctor about changing to one that is made for constipation or adding a little diluted prune juice to the formula.
  • Gently but firmly massage your baby’s tummy with your fingers for a few minutes.
  • Rice, bananas and even carrots can cause constipation in your baby so remove these from their diet and try ease the constipation with prunes or pears.
  • Over-the-counter stool softeners can help, but always speak to your doctor before administering them.

Ways you can help ease your baby’s constipation

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