Disney-inspired baby names for boys and girls

by Lauren Matthews
Baby Yum Yum - disney inspired baby names for boys and girls
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Naming your child “Cinderella” may seem a little ridiculous; however, Disney movies have a series of lovely and unusual names from lesser-known characters that may be the perfect name option for your baby boy or girl. Kids and adults alike all love a good Disney movie – filled with magic, a Disney character may be the name inspiration for your baby on the way.

BabyYumYum.co.za has compiled a list of best unique and quirky baby boy and girl names – some of these baby names can even be unisex – taken from a variety of Disney movies, old and new.

Baby name: Loki

In Norse mythology, Loki is the god of mischief!

Gender: Male

Disney movie: Thor

Baby name: Sebastian

Who could forget the delightful Jamaican crab from The Little Mermaid? Not only is Sebastian a comedic character, he also shows great intelligence as he knows all of the secrets of the sea.

Gender: Male

Disney movie: The Little Mermaid

Baby name: Coco

Coco is an elderly character from Disney’s 19th feature film. This movie celebrates a passion for music and is based on Mexican folklore.

Gender: Female

Disney movie: Coco

Baby name: Alice

The protagonist of the classic Alice in Wonderland, this beautiful Disney-inspired name is both sophisticated and elegant.

Gender: Female

Disney movie: Alice in Wonderland

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Baby name: Kylo

Kylo is the antagonist in The Last Jedi – this character is well known for his incredible lightsaber skills.

Gender: Male

Disney movie: The Last Jedi

Baby name: Gus

Gus is a mouse who appeared in Disney’s 1950 Cinderella. Small in size, Guy shows great courage as well as caring deeply for his friends and family.

Gender: Male

Disney movie: Cinderella

Baby name: Willow

Inspired by the character of Grandmother Willow from Pocahontas, she is depicted as an ancient and wise figure.

Gender: Female

Disney movie: Pocahontas

Baby name: Fawn

Fawn is a fairy featured in Disney’s Tinker Bell movies. She wears an orange and brown dress and has a love for animals. Fawn teaches Tinker Bell how to help baby birds learn how to fly.

Gender: Female

Disney movie: Various Tinker Bell Movies

Baby name: Clover

Clover is a rabbit that appears in Disney Junior’s Sofia the First series. He is one of Sofia’s animal companions.

Gender: Male and Female

Disney movie: Sofia the First Series

Baby name: Oaken

Oaken was a good-natured, humble minor character who appeared as a shopkeeper is Disney’s hit movie, Frozen.

Gender: Male

Disney movie: Frozen

Baby name: Bonnie

Bonnie is one half of the rabbit couple who appears in the movie Zootopia. She is a kind and caring mother to her children.

Gender: Female

Disney movie: Zootopia

Baby name: Cleo

Cleo is the beautiful Italian name of Gepetto’s goldfish in the classic Disney movie, Pinnochio.

Gender: Female

Disney movie: Pinnochio

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Baby name: Naveen

Prince Naveen is the eldest prince of the kingdom of Maldonia who is transformed into a frog in the movie, The Princess and the Frog.

Gender: Male

Disney movie: The Princess and the Frog

Baby name: Slade

Based on the character Amos Slade from The Fox and the Hound, Slade is the surname of the antagonist character and can work beautifully as a first name for a boy.

Gender: Male

Disney movie: The Fox and the Hound

Baby name: Adella

Adella is one of the characters from The Little Mermaid. She has a chartreuse yellow tail and wears a chartreuse green seashell bikini top. She has teal eyes and her dark brown hair is tied in a ponytail with a pearly hairband and headpiece that both match the colour of her tail.

Gender: Female

Disney movie: The Little Mermaid

Baby name: Aurora

Aurora was the name of the princess in Sleeping Beauty. The name means ‘dawn’, taken from ancient mythology when Aurora was the name of the Roman goddess of the dawn, and it was said that her tears turned into dew in the morning.

Gender: Female

Disney movie: Sleeping Beauty

Baby name: Arlo

The main character in this 2015 Disney film, an Apatosaurus called Arlo, has inspired many parents to call their baby boys by the name. Originally timid, Arlo’s transformation to a confident young man is both heartwarming and inspiring.

Gender: Male

Disney movie: The Good Dinosaur

Baby name: Sullivan

Traditionally a surname, Sullivan is an Irish name meaning ‘dark eyes’. It has a delightful old-world charm to it, despite being inspired by a Disney monster – and you can easily shorten it to Sully as a nickname.

Gender: Male

Disney movie: Monsters University

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